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  1. Frank@KMD1

    ***KMDTuning Clutch Kit***

    KMDTuning is proud to present a street/track clutch kit for the daily driver and weekend racer! Kit features: -Modified Audi TT-RS Pressure Plate with custom made ceramic-metallic disc for a full contact surface. -Unlike some clutch kits on the market that use a wider face disc which will...
  2. Frank@KMD1

    ***KMDTuning Presents Integrated Engineering 2.0T FSI/TSI/TFSI intake manifold***

    Presents 2.0T intake manifolds are currently on pre-sale with an expected delivery date of early-mid April. All pre-ordered manifolds are $50.00 off and will receive a free manifold install kit. More manifold install kits will be added as they become available. The Integrated...
  3. Frank@KMD1

    Unitronic Holiday Hardware Sale!

    Holiday HARDWARE SALE!!! Ends 12/29/14!!! 2.0 TSI Cold Air intake System Sale $359.99 DV Relocation Kit Sale $170.99 Mk6 GTI Cat-Back Exhaust Sale $809.99 TSI 3" FWD Downpipe Sale $593.99 2.0 TFSI/TSI Direct Fit Intercooler Sale $629.99 FREE SHIPPING!!!!! Unitronic K04 Upgrade kit...
  4. Frank@KMD1

    ***KMDTuning Presents Brake lines***

    KMDTuning Presents!!! KMD Brake lines! Yes we make our own brake lines :thumbup: KMD Tuning is proud to offer DOT approved Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines for Audi/VW vehicles. Each line is made in house, tested and Stamped with a DOT#. Front Lines Only $59.99 Rear Lines...
  5. Frank@KMD1

    ***KMDTuning P3cars Digital Vent Gauge***

    Presents: P3Cars Vent Integrated Digital Interface! (MK6 US GTI version shown) Also Available White and Red LED option! And Golf R White and Blue! Track Pack now available!! Product Information Connect with your car in an...
  6. Frank@KMD1

    ***KMDTuning Lower Stress Bar Kit***

    Stress Bar Kit SALE!!! 3 piece kit Rear lower bar Rear upper bar Front lower bar Product Information - Improves Steering - Better Stability - Reduce Subframe Flex Tracking your car or just looking for a stronger chassis? KMD’s lower stress bar kit is made from...
  7. Frank@KMD1

    ***KMDTuning Stop-Tech BBK Sale***

    Presents SALE Please PM or Email: for pricing! Note: Stock may vary Please contact me for pricing and different applications!
  8. Frank@KMD1

    ***KMDTuning Presents Unitronic Hardware!***

    Presents HARDWARE!!! 2.0 TSI Cold Air intake System DV Relocation Kit Mk6 GTI Cat-Back Exhaust TSI 3" FWD Downpipe 2.0 TFSI/TSI Direct Fit Intercooler More Products here! Note: Stock my vary Garden State Euros Member Discount applies. KMDTuning is a Please PM me for any questions!
  9. Frank@KMD1

    ***KMDTuning ST Suspensions Coilover SALE***

    Presents ST Suspensions Coilover Sale Full Kits $807.49 + Free Shipping! Originally $949.99 (exclusions: only Valid on $899.99 retail kits and Free shipping is only for Continental US) ST Coilovers The ultimate in performance, style and handling. ST height adjustable Coilover kits...
  10. Frank@KMD1

    ***KMDTuning Eurojet Exhaust Sale***

    Presents Eurojet Racing Exhaust Sale! Cat-Back Price: $699.00 PM FOR SALE PRICE!!! Product Information ·Material: Brushed T304 Stainless Steel ·Diameter: 3" ·Material Wall Thickness: 0.055" Features ·Self-aligning, fully V-banded modular system...
  11. Frank@KMD1

    ***KMD Tuning Coilover Sale***

    KMD Tuning presents HOLIDAY Coilover Sale! Sale ends 12/24/13 Log onto and use coupon code: "coilover" Save big on the industry's leading suspension companies! Questions PM or Email
  12. Frank@KMD1

    KMD Tuning CTS Turbo Exhaust Sale

    *SALE IS BACK* KMDTuning CTS Turbo Exhaust Sale presents CTS Turbo EXHAUST SALE For the MKVI GTI Sale is BACK! KMD TUNING WILL BE SELLING FULL TURBO BACK EXHAUSTS! AND CAT-BACKS! izg6qbWZOTw 3” Full Turbo-Back Exhaust System...