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    Hi, sorry, I stopped making them.

    Hi, sorry, I stopped making them.
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    The Model 3 ruined my life

    And just think if you had rooftop solar electric... charging could be free. I did the math. I have a fairly small rooftop array (5kw) and I'm currently net-zero (I produce more than I consume, on a yearly average). With an electric car, I'd no longer be net-zero but my monthly electric bill...
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    Any cyclist on here

    "All-road" cyclist here. In that middle ground between road cycling and mtb, also known as gravel cycling or gravel grinding. I ride mostly road bikes built for wide tires (650B/42mm). Also did some randonneuring, which is long-distance cycling through day and night...
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    Toyota camery rear bumper (observation)

    So today my family was on the lookout for Camrys on a short trip we took. Saw at least a dozen Camrys... no dents. :(. Bummer, my kids were really excited to see some.
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    Kia Soul?

    Isn't no news good news?
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    Kia Soul?

    Crash tests demonstrate otherwise. IIHS gives it a "Top Safety Pick".
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    Tesla's Big Announcement?

    I see at least one Model 3 a day on my commute to or from work, and probably close to one Model S a day. They are very popular here. I didn't know they were so fraught with assembly problems. The build quality on them seems fine, fit and finish-wise. I've seen a couple of Model X's, and those...
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    Crisis Mode

    Wheels. A must here to have the proper wheels and tires for the season. It's a safety issue and Mrs. SPB approves!
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    More Car Owners Delinquent than Before

    Lol, I own a 1333 sq ft home and one car, seems fine for my family of four plus dog. On the other hand my home is 75% paid for, I have zero credit card debt, a hefty retirement account, and I’m paying my car off at 0%. I’m a bad American!
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    No Garage - Need Portable Car Port

    Yeah, definitely. If you can drive a couple dozen 18" stakes, that would be ideal.
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    No Garage - Need Portable Car Port

    That's exactly what I was thinking. Heck, for the money, I'd like to put one of these up on my paved driveway since I have no garage. The only issue is that I'm in a densely packed neighborhood where lots are typically 2500-5000 sq ft so houses are packed in right next to each other. Having one...
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    No Garage - Need Portable Car Port

    That should work just fine, the price it right, although you will need to bring in portable lighting since it will make your work space dark, and there's no way you can run proper lighting in something like that. I would use that for a few years until you can build a proper framed garage.
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    Sunglasses for Driving

    In for info. Also looking for good driving sunglasses. Are people still using polarized lenses? Do they work well? Any negatives?
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    Show Me Your Car Smartphone Holders

    This is a side note, but one of the things I love about the Carplay screen format while in Maps is that you can tap the little guidance box twice in the upper left corner of the screen and it makes Siri repeat the next turn instruction. Sometimes I miss what she says the first time, or I forget...
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    Show Me Your Car Smartphone Holders

    Wow. If you use your smart phone for navigation regularly, you'll love it. If I drive anywhere more than a few miles away I plug my phone in and keep carplay on.
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    Show Me Your Car Smartphone Holders

    I've you got an iPhone and CarPlay, why not just use that and keep the phone in the cubby?
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    Best wiper blades?

    TBH, I'm amazed at how well my stock OEMs have held up. One year and 9.5k miles, and they're still wiping like brand new (and they're on their second New England winter). I think the washer fluid choice makes a big difference in the longevity of the blades. When I used the cheap generic blue...
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    What is your occupation?

    Nice! Red oak?
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    Anyone Ever Run Across a Golf "El Camino"?

    Over here it was called the Rabbit Pickup, and we had it from 78-84. It was based on the US-built Golf MK1 made in Westmoreland, PA. So from 79 onward it had those hideous US-mandated rectangular headlights and massive bumpers.
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    What is your occupation?

    Ah. Did my graduate work down in La Jolla. Now on the other coast. Use Bio-Rad products every day, they still have a strong presence in the life sciences.