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    Clutch will not disengage

    Oh a solid 50% haha
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    Clutch will not disengage

    Yeah I was filling it up until the lip was full. I was topping it off every pump. I will make sure to keep that in mind cause you're right it is super finnicky. Thanks my man!
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    Clutch will not disengage

    Hello! I have a 2010 and I just recently did all kinds of stuff to it. Once of the things that I did was replace the clutch and the slave cylinder/TOB. This is the clutch kit and I followed all the instructions, bled the slave cylinder as best I could, got it all back together, and I thought I...
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    need help with LSD install

    This is how mine looks. I have a wavetrac. Not sure if it's the same. Mine is a manual.
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    Let's Discuss Clutch Options (Disc, Pressure Plate, Flywheel) - Summary of discussion That's what I went with. The south bend one seems like a really good kit and there are good reviews of it. My thought was once (if) I go K04 I would rather pay a little bit more now to make sure there...
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    2011 GTI Knock sensor issue

    I am not sure how many knock sensors there are but the connector on the top of the three connector bracket on the left side of your intake is the knock sensor connector. Number 1 in the picture. That wire leads to the knock sensor that is connected to the block just behind the water pump. you...
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    Downpipe and Emissions

    Gotcha, gotcha. So would something like the Cobb access port be sufficient for data logging to help figure out where those chokepoints are when they appear?
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    Downpipe and Emissions

    Good points. Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure if the questions were rhetorical or not but I have a CCTA and I'm in MO. I agree and it certainly makes sense to get a better flowing exhaust. I do really want to keep it emissions compliant though. It's just hard to figure out if the cat on any...
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    Downpipe and Emissions

    Does anyone have a compilation of which of the downpipes with cats will actually pass emissions? It seems like the majority of the air flow restrictions are on the intake side, so taking into consideration passing emissions would upgrading the downpipe be worth it? It just seems like there are...
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    Drivability Issues on First Test drive

    Could be a vacuum leak. Did you replace any of the PCV system during the rebuild? Did you use the correct amount of the anaerobic sealant on the head? You could check the vacuum pump gasket, the manual says to replace it every time.
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    Wavetrac lsd in a dsg

    Here is just the tools list in the repair manual for adjusting the differential: Transmission Support - VW 353- Measuring Set - Magnetic Plate - 50mm - VW 385/17- Dial Indicator Holder - VW 387- Press Plate - VW 402- Press Piece - Rod - VW 408 APress Piece - Multiple Use - 3005- Press Piece -...
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    Coolant leak and check engine lights

    It does seem high af. But others on here have been quoted the same thing. I would seriously consider doing it myself if they quoted me that much. The pump alone is $370 from the dealer which helps to explain the insane price, but I suspect the shops quoting that much are expecting to replace...
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    Tune + Downpipe

    If the CEL is on I would pull the code and make sure that the downpipe is your problem.
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    Is 38 in 2012 gti

    A K04 is what you want.
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    Getting the bigger turbo, how would you do it?

    I have a Manual and am having a shop install a wavetrac LSD. I have the transmission out of the car and all of the hardware and it still is gonna cost $700. Looking in the repair manual the list of tools alone for a differential adjustment is more than $700. I had a hard time finding a shop that...