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  1. hillstrubl

    3 car seats in the back of a MK7.5 (2018)

    No, I'm not buying a minivan. We're trying to figure out our options for my 3 children in the back of my wife's GTI (7/5/infant). The 7 and 5 year old are now both in boosters, but with the width needed for the baby's larger drop-in seat "cradle" its really hard to actually buckle in the...
  2. hillstrubl

    My side project - iOS game - Logo Battle

    Hey Everybody, I wanted to post about my side project with a friend of mine. We created a logo matching app for shits and giggles and wanted to see if we could get use users/downloads/traction on the app store. As of today we released our next major version which fixes some bugs and adds some...
  3. hillstrubl

    Polish baby with a treatable form of eye cancer, fundraiser

    I’m trying to assist in raising money for a baby in Poland with a treatable form of eye cancer. He’s already lost 1 eye to the disease and will soon lose the other if funds cannot be secured. I only learned of it recently but wanted to help in any way I could.There are approx 10 days left in the...
  4. hillstrubl

    BerryBlab Vbulletin Blackberry App

    Any chance we can get this installed?
  5. hillstrubl

    Help me find a hit & run (/likely drunk) driver, identify this part

    @ 3AM saturday night a driver whipped around a corner near my bedroom window and took out an audi A4 and honda civic, then drove away. It scared the bejesus out of a sleeping me as it was loud as hell. I went outside to check and see what happened and saw the freshly clipped audi with its alarm...