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  1. Johnstephard250

    FS: Cobb AP - $500

    Unmarried Cobb AP in box with mount, cable, instruction manual and two faceplates, black and silver. $500 + shipping. Will add pictures tomorrow, but if interested please text 720-579-8767. I don't check the forums often so email is definitely the best way to reach me. Thanks!
  2. Johnstephard250

    Rear Valence

    I know I'm going to get flamed for this, but I'm thinking of putting in quad tips onto my car. They should fit as they are right now (surprisingly), but if I needed to cut around the exhaust, can I use a dremel? I've never done really that much body work, and I know people are going to say...
  3. Johnstephard250

    [Poll] Reps v Real Wheels

    Hi, Not sure if I should post this here or in the wheels or tires section. This is not a fitment question but a wheel decision question so I just posted here. I currently have 17x8.5 Niche Targas. I am thinking of trading for 18x8 Alzor 349s. Not sure which one I should go with. Pros for...
  4. Johnstephard250

    Raceland Ultimo Coilover Review (Picture HEAVY)

    I'm going to try and make this as thorough as possible. It'll be four parts: Why I Chose Raceland, Packaging/Delivery, Daily Driving, Overall (not going to add pictures here, because they are adjustable, so if you wanna see pictures, just go to my thread). Why I Chose Raceland: Two things: -...
  5. Johnstephard250

    Bumpstop cutting

    For those of you that have done a coilover install, if I am looking to just remove the rear wheel gap, but not go slammed, should I still cut the bump stops a little so it's not super bouncy? How much have people usually cut?
  6. Johnstephard250

    WTB: Hatch Pop Kit

    If you're parting out your TDI, and don't want these or just want a little extra cash, then PM me. Willing to pay shipping to 80130 as well. Can also ship my hatch struts to you if you want, but obviously it needs to be less than it is brand new, so I'm not sure how it will work. PM me if...
  7. Johnstephard250

    John's Slow Build

    2012 Candy White 4 Door DSG Autobahn Most Updated Pic: Current Mods (Updated 2/17) Exterior: - Depo LED Rear Tails - OEM Bi-Xenon Headlights - Shaved Hatch - Filled in Notch Hood - Debadged R - Grille - Anti-Glare Blind Spot Mirrors - Rear Wiper Delete - Color Matched Valence - 10% Tint -...
  8. Johnstephard250

    Fitting et 35

    Hi, I am planning on getting H&R Super Sports either with Koni Oranges or just with stock shocks. However, I have 17x8.5 et35 and I'm wondering if I am going to rub. Some people say the tire matters, so it's 215x40x17. I'm a four door DSG too if that matters. I have checked but most talk...
  9. Johnstephard250

    APR Stage 1 Carbonio

    SOLD Will have pictures up by tomorrow. Asking $180 shipped. Includes a new filter. No yellowing on bottom. One scratch around the size of a quarter. Link for pictures. PM for quickest response.
  10. Johnstephard250

    Koni Shocks with H&R SS vs FK Silverlines

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has input on whether to get Koni FSD shocks with H&R Super sports or FK silverline coils. I saw a couple reviews online but they all compare Koni Coilovers to FK coils. I know coilovers have a better reputation, but if I can get these for the same price, I feel...
  11. Johnstephard250

    FS: 4 10mm Spacers

    Hi, SOLD!! I have for sale 4 10mm spacers with extended bolts 2 are from H&R (silver ones in the picture) 2 are from Forge (black ones in the picture/stamped with Forge) I am asking $190 shipped OBO for all 4, or you can offer separately for just 2. Makes the fronts flush and the rears...
  12. Johnstephard250

    Clunking When Turning

    Hi all, Specs on my car: 17x8.5 wheels with et35 offset Stock suspension Fenders Rolled and pulled Car was on bags before, but previous owner removed them I'm not sure if any of that helps, but I included it anyway. So, onto the story. I went to get my car's wheels balanced, and after the...
  13. Johnstephard250

    FS: OZ Nova $300 OBO

    I'm selling some old OZ Nova's I have. 17 inch, 5x112. Great rims, just have a little curb rash on them. All are straight and true. PM me for pictures, I will get them up soon. No tires, great for winter setup. If you are interested, just make an offer.
  14. Johnstephard250

    FS: Viair 380C Compressor

    For sale is a Viair 380C Compressor. Should still work, previous owner had car on bags, never took this out. I don't have that much knowledge with bags, so you will just get everything in the picture. Asking $65 Paypal + shipping.
  15. Johnstephard250

    FS: OEM bi-xenon headlights with leds

    I got these from a friend and don't need them. Paid $800 for them. Asking $600 Obo + shipping. Paypal friends and family or pay fee. They ARE OEM and not Ed's reps or anything like that. No peeling or clear coat issues. Will post pictures soon. $600 OBO.
  16. Johnstephard250

    A4 Rims

    Not sure where to post this, but has anyone ever seen or have pictures of a car running these rims? They are from a an Audi A4, and I'm not sure if they would look good on a GTI. If someone can photoshop them on a Candy White GTI, that would also be great.
  17. Johnstephard250

    Will they fit

    Hi all, I just had a thread about selling my OEM rims, so now on to my new rims! I am trying to get Niche Targas. They are 19s, but the only issue is that the rims don't have the offset stamped on them. I don't think it should matter that much because I have 10mm and 15mm spacers that should...
  18. Johnstephard250


    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so mods, please move it if needed. I was just wondering how much Serrons go for (no curb rash, no tires). I looked up some threads, but they are all pretty old, and say >$1000, so I'm not sure of the credibility. If anyone can shine some light...
  19. Johnstephard250

    Scraping or something????

    I bought a '12 GTI about two months ago now. It's been pretty good but with two suspension issues. 1) The rear passenger shock scrapes or something when going over a hard bump. This is only notable when there are over two people in the car with a full tank (something to do with weight...
  20. Johnstephard250

    Shaved Hatch Trade

    Hey, My new Volkswagen came with a shaved hatch and I was wondering if anyone wants to trade. I'm not really a fan and the new owner will need to provide a CW trunk and do the swap for me (including lights). It'll be a simple trade, my shaved hatch for yours. Thanks, John 80130