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  1. OrangeSpy

    IE 2.5 Intake Manifold MK6 Install

    So I recently put IE's intake manifold in my 2012 Golf 2.5. Integrated Engineering made an install guide and as far as I know it's the only one. Until now... IE's write up is good... but technical.. and its for a MK5 which has a vacuum system that needs to be attached to the intake. The MK6 does...
  2. OrangeSpy

    IE Intake Manifold help???

    Hey Folks, having a bit of difficulty installing Integrated Engineering's Manifold. Has anyone here put one on a MK6???
  3. OrangeSpy

    Power Steering and Traction Control Light

    I have my car parked for the winter and am doing some maintenance/Repairs. I had the battery disconnected for awhile and just replaced the front brake pads and rotors. When I started it last night the power steering and Traction Control Light were on. I'm assuming the power steering light is...
  4. OrangeSpy

    It's Decided. 2.5 Turbo. Winter 2019

    I plan on throwing a turbo in this coming winter but want to get as much information as I can before doing so to avoid blowing the engine. I've searched threads for turbo builds and found some that set me in the right direction but want to be extra safe. Please. Lets not let this turn into a...
  5. OrangeSpy

    MK6 Golf 2.5 Fuse Diagram?

    I can't find one anywhere! This would really help out with some issues I come across
  6. OrangeSpy

    Golf 2.5 A/C & Heating Issue

    I just got my car back from the shop to ensure everything is in tip top shape before the warranty is up in 3000Km. Today I noticed that my heating and A/C are not working. Any suggestions?
  7. OrangeSpy

    ECP and Airbag Light Please Help

    Hello, I just took my Golf out of storage and when I started it up it took a while to turn over. While driving the RPMs wouldn't go over 3000, I looked at the dash and saw the ECP and airbag lights on. I know the ECP is causing the RPM problem but is the airbag light causing the ECP? or could it...
  8. OrangeSpy

    What Platinum Spark Plugs Fit?

    My local auto stores says NGK Platinum 6737(Link below) will fit my '12 2.5 Golf but websites I check tell me no. Will they fit? if not which ones will...
  9. OrangeSpy

    How to Remove The Entire Side Mirror Golf/Jetta MK6 (Pics)

    I found a lot of tutorials on how to take off the housing cap or the glass but none on the entire mirror. SO! Here ya go! Step One: Realize that maybe if you had not mixed your new career, a cute girl, and a time limit you wouldn't have backed out of the garage with your door open and have to...
  10. OrangeSpy

    should Fk Streetlines camber?

    Hey, I just put streetlines in my Mk6 and noticed the front wheels have a bit of camber. As far as I know no one else has this with them. The shop I took it to for an alignment was going to make the strut bolt holes bigger to fix it?! Where they put in incorrectly maybe?
  11. OrangeSpy

    Reflex Silver

    Anybody else have a reflex silver pictures? We seem to be a rare breed! Edit: Not even 3 seconds after I made this post I found The silver thread. Please disregard.
  12. OrangeSpy

    What oil do you use

    I'm just curious what you guys think the best oil is. Do you think Royal Purple is the best? or would you rather VW's choice of Castrol Edge Professional? any others you think top those?
  13. OrangeSpy

    FK coilover mk6 tutorial?

    I'm just about ready to slap these in my car but can only find tutorials for mk4s and mk5s. I'm guessing its almost identical but something always goes wrong when I do things myself so I'd rather have a MK6 tutorial to try and prevent screw ups.
  14. OrangeSpy

    Right side locks wont work

    I recently had to replace my Rt door and fender but now both the front and back door on the Rt side wont lock. Any ideas? maybe a fuse???
  15. OrangeSpy

    AC Problems

    My AC doesn't work! I rarely use it to save gas but recently we went through a heat wave and really wish I had it. It worked last year so I have no idea what happened. Has anybody else had this problem? Any idea's how to fix it? warrenty?
  16. OrangeSpy

    Bolt Size HELP

    I can't find the name or sizes of Bolt number 6 & 8. I need them for... reasons...
  17. OrangeSpy

    *URGENT* Stock Air Intake Question

    Hey everybody, when looking at the stock air intake there's a little hose coming off of it so my 2 questions: 1) What's the hoses name and purpose? and 2) What is the size of the outlet?!? I just ordered piping to make my own CAI and I need to weld an opening to fit the hose. My car is currently...
  18. OrangeSpy

    Is a Stage 1 tune for a 2.5L worth it?

    I've been pricing up tunes for a little while now and don't know if it's really worth the 400-500 bucks. Can anyone who HAS their car tuned give me some insight? Can you feel a difference? do you notice better fuel milage?
  19. OrangeSpy

    Pads and Rotors?

    So I made this post in the "brakes" section and I was given a link to a site that had no pads or rotors for a '12 golf... then the thread was closed... ANYWAYS Anybody know some good aftermarket pads and rotors?
  20. OrangeSpy

    Good Pads and Rotors?

    What are some good after market pads and rotors for a '12 MK6 Golf?