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    broke college kids build

    nah the new one is stock asf. the previous owner was very anal about things. the only thing he changed were the springs and it was to koni, i believe they have some sort of automatic dampening or something that changes the way it handles automatically. i forgot what he told me it was. it’ll be...
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    broke college kids build

    pretty big update. my brother has also been looking for a gti but couldn’t find one in his price range and guess who’s gti was purchased in his range… mine so i decided to sell it to him and purchase a different gti. my brother and i drove 5 hours to illinois to pick up my new one owner gti...
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    United Grey Side Marker SOLD

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    Kansas City

    It’s black with dark tint and stock wheels but repainted dark grey. But I actually just sold it to my brother today and i’m getting a grey one tomorrow! I live near the Liberty area. First picture is the old one and second is the new one.
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    Kansas City

    I live in KC also just got my mk6 gti like a week and a half ago
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    broke college kids build

    First couple things I changed were removing the yellow film over the fog lights, removing the red lines from the bumper, removing wrap of the tailights and rear badge, and also leaned up the headlights a bit. Excuse the dirty front bumper I had just driven the car home 500 miles the night before.
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    broke college kids build

    Just got a new to me GTI on Monday the 12th. Previous owner sold it to a dealer and they sent it to auction and then a dealer in the middle of nowhere Nebraska got their hands on it. Supposedly Unitronic Stage 2+ which means K04, Downpipe, Tune. Car just had little bits and pieces missing such...
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    Franco516 // Tornado Red Big Turbo GTI // Build Thread?

    do you have a different dv or a bov on the car? the turbo noise is perfect.
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    2011 UNITRONIC 2 GTI 8k OBO

    making me want to abandon getting a dsg and drive to california
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    2010 GTI 2.0T 4D with APR STAGE 3 (Colorado)

    still have it?