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  1. j2z1

    Rear trunk lid / shelf and other interior parts

    Trunk lid I'd like 80 plus shipping. It's OEM color and not blinding glossy. Here are the other parts Sent from my iPhone using TapatalkxxaZ
  2. j2z1

    2012 gti brakes and stock sway bars

    Hello, I prefer a local sale but willing to ship. Brakes have 11k miles, I switched out for 6pot ceika brakes. Asking 400 neg for calipers. Extras are bolts, hardware, pads and lines Front and rear sway bars, swapped for apr at 8k miles. 75 each Front and rear Also have a stock turbo...
  3. j2z1

    Stock turbo and other stock parts mk6 gti

    I haven't been here in a while, but I've sold many parts like a stock exhaust and I also shipped it to Cali which wasn't easy. I sold my p3 to a local guy on the forums. I'm also on the Grom forums with the same name. I have some stock parts for sale since I sold my k04 build. I prefer local...
  4. j2z1

    P3 gauge w/ vents for MK6 gti/golf series. Red lights

  5. j2z1

    Stock mk6 gti front brakes for sale

    Selling stock brakes from my 2012 gti. At 9k I upgraded to a ceika BBK. Low miles and contains all parts Located in NY or buyer pays shipping Sent from my iPhone using TapatalkxxaZ
  6. j2z1

    Selling full stock exhaust with Down pipe from mk6 gti

    Sold Selling full stock exhaust from my 2012 cbfa GTI Has less then 8k miles. 300 + shipping (usually around 100) Sold Sold Sent from my iPhone using TapatalkxxaZ
  7. j2z1

    Cracked Pistons k04 gti ?

    So apparently I have too much boost. That's what most people tell me that are not into the culture. The pistons cracked as a result. I run APR: K04 and software usually run 93 Intake Dsg tune Other: Bsh engine mounts SPM turbo back for street And a long list of small mods, pretty much...
  8. j2z1

    HELP!!! What damage can this cause? Dragging something...

    ....takes deep breath followed by a long exhale before rant.... ELITE MOTOR SPORTS ELITE MOTOR SPORTS ELITE MOTOR SPORTS So I have been having emission issues. I went to about 6 places and everyone says the same thing when they are too lazy to do some diagnostic work. You have no cat? It's...
  9. j2z1

    DeAutoKey's LEDs are amazing. Fog light comparison

    I don't even have to give a review, the pictures explain. But seriously, these lights look amazing. I was at waterfest on Sunday, started browsing while my car was getting the new k04 3.1 and the dsg tune. I feel I may be growing out of the yellow fogs so I started looking at the hid booths...
  10. j2z1

    Can you guess the color? (Plastidip mk6)

    I just got my car dipped by dipexotic in queens. I think I like it. What's would you guys call this color? When I get some light il take better pics lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. j2z1

    Leaking gas after water pump replacement???

    So I brought my car in last week because my water pump cracked. About 60 miles after I started leaking gas. It was stinking up the car I didn't know where it came from, did a walk around and it was coming from the front of the engine. I heard the leak. It sounded like a big leak, spraying out...
  12. j2z1

    HTC one for sale for att

    $560 Brand new in box. Got from HTC directly. Never opened the box. Comes with charger and headphones. I'm located in N.Y. but I can ship. I received two but Im using the other for my phone. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk 2 Sold!
  13. j2z1

    Rough idle. Rough at lower rpms. Exhaust smells worse then normal. HELP!

    So I'm having a few issues. Running an Apr k04. I ordered accel u grove 0111 spark plugs. Oil seems fine. What could be my problem. Am I getting oil in my exhaust? Also my pre cat o2 sensor is bad which I'm replacing on Monday. I would appreciate any recommendations, thanks in advance Sent from...
  14. j2z1

    Ceika brakes

    Well I wanted to try Ceika brakes out and here it is. Install was pretty basic. I got a small 6 pot kit. Edit * link Had to do gloss red but now I think I should have done black... Lol Overall impression was exceeded expectations. I am happy with the setup. I...
  15. j2z1

    Selling oem stock parts from 2012 mk6 gti

    So I have the mod bug and I replaced a lot of parts this past year. - stock halogen headlights 4000 miles sold - stock complete GTI exhaust 6000 miles - gaskets and bolts from turbo install k04/k03 from recs - stock motor mounts with 9000 miles coming off this sat sold side engine mount -...
  16. j2z1

    Looking for replacement options

    So I'm replacing parts on my car from an accident. Looking for part numbers and figment options for my gti. Or suggestions. Preference is oem. I was looking into parts like r20 bumper and led fog (my concern is will it fit). Badgeless hood (without emblem notch) Badgeless grille (only...
  17. j2z1

    Crashed! Estimated price lol

    Lol I'm ok, but my baby isn't. So I got rear ended bumper came off but it's fine under the cover. The front is a different story. She hit her right eye on a sharp corner No bags I'm ok, just tight. If I pay cash what am I looking at? Lol 3500-5000 or more because the guy who hit me ran...
  18. j2z1

    Importance of rear BBK?

    So basically I'm purchasing a big brake kit. I want to know if its important to upgrade the rear brakes as well. Or keep the rear stock? I was getting a small 6 pot for the front and possible a 4 pot for the rear. Or just get a 4 pot brake kit. for the front What do you guys think? Sent from...
  19. j2z1

    Valentine V1 with rear view mirror mount

    I want 360 plus shipping for the radar with everything. Comes with everything on the stock box and a rear view mirror kit not a blend mount but it does the job. Sold!!!!!
  20. j2z1

    OEM full exhaust

    I upgraded my dp and cbe This item has 6500 miles on it I'm looking for 300. Would prefer local pickup but if you want to try to ship it let me know. It's from a 2012 gti