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    HELP Car barely running after intake manifold replacement

    Really sounds like a vac leak. Did you scan codes again?
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    DIY - TT-RS control arm bushings, without a press

    I forgot to mention. For anyone who wants to remove the driver side control arm on the DSG, remove your dogbone mount and take your widow maker jack and wedge it between the subframe and back of engine block and pad it with a wooden block or something. Then just crank the jack until the engine...
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    Mk6 gti liquid spraying around pulleys

    The water pump is on the other side of the engine block. The upper timing cover can leak oil though and can cause a mess all over the passenger side of the engine. Looks like you got a little oil coming out of the intercooler piping too might want to check the o-rings on that coupler.
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    Suspicious Suspension Situation

    TBH I've messed with the suspension components so much taking off and removing things I stopped bothering to replace stretch bolts and use torque wrenches I just go gutentight spec now lol, never really had any issues or bolts come loose. I did use proper torque specs on new tty bolts when I did...
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    Had misfires on all cylinders

    You may have a vacuum leak or something, prob the most common cause of misfire on all cylinders
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    Oil all over my crankcase + irregular billows of smoke at long lights

    Change your PCV, failing PCV can be a silent killer and blow out gaskets. Looks like your upper timing cover gasket is pretty shot youll need to replace that. That can cause leaking all over the top of the engine. As far as the smoking it could be PCV related or you have a failed turbo or...
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    Door rattle after polishing

    Check the bolts for the exterior door skin the run along both sides and the bottom...although I cant imagine a DA polisher would have vibrated them loose unless its been off before and wasn't tightened back to spec.
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    Suspicious Suspension Situation

    Double check your end links, make sure they are tight
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    Mysterious squeal/squeek 2011 GTI

    Serpentine belt could be slipping or you got a bad pulley/tensioner or something. Belt is easy and cheap I'd check it out first
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    P2096 code

    Likely leak somewhere in the downpipe. The tiniest exhaust leaks can trigger this code it can be a hassle to get rid of.
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    Missing steering rack bolt?

    Normal, older gen steering racks had 4 bolts the newer type has 3
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    Fuel pressure sensor replacement

    My car doesn't even have that bracket anymore lol. I think dealer never reinstalled it when doing a carbon cleaning with the previous owner. Makes the intake manifold a hell of a lot easier to get off now, and seems pretty stable still without it still
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    Intake BH revision and fuel rail

    Theres a note about this on ECS page for the BH mani. Says ***Vehicles with original fuel rail may require ES2631755.***
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    DIY - TT-RS control arm bushings, without a press

    Just put my new TTRS/RS3 solid control arm bushings in today along with new lemforder front bushings. Was a pain to press and install the new front bushings but got it done. Big difference over the older two hole S3 ones I had. Car feels a lot tighter but not much of an increase in steering...
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    Has anyone hit 250,000 miles yet??

    Ah didnt see that. Im almost to 146k with my TSI. Last major thing I had was failed injector and RMS fail 2 years ago but its been going strong since.
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    what is the diagnostic process for the bluetooth module?

    Idk if is an option for you but seems like a lot of people never even bother trying to fix bt module stuff and just get an RCD330 or something which has its own bluetooth module inside.
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    Fuel pressure sensor replacement

    Same symptoms as my failed injector. It also gave me a low fuel pressure fault. If you pull the spark plug you can prob confirm it should be very wet with fuel
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    Q : Lower Control Arms in Aluminum... ?

    After looking around some more it looks like they be only available in Europe? I think I got lucky with a guy in the US selling a set he didn't need.
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    Q : Lower Control Arms in Aluminum... ?

    Hell yeah. The RSB makes a massive difference on these cars. One of the best bang for your buck upgrades imo