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    What’s for dinner tonight?

    Grilled cheese and tomato soup
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    AMMO -- Good Online Stores
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    Need help/advice on a Dealer's Body Shop issue....

    for someone that has worked in the dealerships for 14 years that’s pretty bad. Have you contacted your insurance. You waiting on GM, they probably never contacted them. Due to this is ALL on the body shop. Write a letter to the owner of the dealer with pics. Who ever that did the work has no...
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    **Gun Enthusiast Thread** another option.
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    Official California FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread

    I have a stock turbo off 2011 gti. Removed at 11000 miles to go KO4. No shaft play. 200.00 James 6267105098
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    Anybody a video game junkie?

    Destiny 1 and 2 for the win
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    Official California FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread

    Hi..... I have a stock turbo with about 18k on it before I went K04. I’m in the Pasadena area. 100.00 James 6267105098
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    Who is your NFL team?

    GO PACK GO!!!
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    What cars have you had?

    1991 honda crx 1989 civic si 1996 civic 92 acura integra 99.5 jetta 1.8t 2006 civic si 2006 evo ix 2008 vw r32 2011 vw gti 2015 jeep grand cherokee 2017 mustang gt 2019 vw gti
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    Red Light Tickets Suck

    I got one that was 509.00
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    Hey I was wondering if I missed the post? But did Steve petty motorsports close there doors?
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    Where do you stash your pistol when you're driving?

    Out the window like a Gangsta!!!!! Lol
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    The Official (REAL) Football Thread!

    HA!... Real......
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    Stripped wheel locks

    Never mind. Please delete.
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    Unitronic intake

    Hey guy was wondering if anyone wants to trade my unitronic intake for APR STAGE 1+2 must be in good condition no cracks or broken tabs. As mine is in perfect condition. Comes with 2 filters too. GONE.....
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    Neuspeed rse05

    Hey what's up guys! Just picked up new wheels so I'm selling my rse05s gunmetal not a scratch on them. Bought them a little over a year ago. They have continental DWs 225/45/17 9/32s tread left. Asking 900 OBO. SOLD! Also have a used SRE stage 3 pressure plate and Fourseasontuning in-house...
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    Sticker on mailbox

    Do you have firearms in the house?
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    GOING TO GERMANY! What should I do/buy?

    DAS BOOT!!!!!!!!
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    Evo Driver Question

    Road race engineering