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  1. TDi Age

    Fog Lights and CCM

    Hello all I am hoping someone can help me. Can anyone with a golf MK6, fog lights and VCDS please provide me with the part number of their CCM/CECM? I have retrofitted fog lights and they don't work, so I have made the assumption that the module requires updating, but want to make sure first...
  2. TDi Age

    RNS 510 EU 1T0035680D + B/T Module 7P6035730B + MDI armrest connection 5N0 035 342 C

    As in the title RNS 510 european + bluetooth module + MDI armrest connection removed from a 2010 Golf TDi Match. Would prefer to sell as a package together. £450
  3. TDi Age

    Golf Mk6 TDI Differential Pressure Sensor

    Hi Guys, I need help please:confused:. I am trying to locate a DIY in order to change my DPF's differential pressure sensor, however I am unable to locate one. The Engine Management Light is currently on in my 2010 Golf Match 1.6 TDI 105ps CAYC, with the Glow Plug/Coil light flashing...
  4. TDi Age

    Kenwood DNX525DAB replacing RNS510

    Has anyone ever replaced their RNS510 with a Kenwood DNX525DAB? I am thinking about replacing my 510 as I want to finish my ICE install, however there are a few questions I want to know before I take the plunge. My MK6 is the Match model. It came with the RNS 510, MFSW bluetooth and highline...
  5. TDi Age

    5 speed to 6 speed gearbox upgrade

    Hey guys 2nd thread now (on a roll today - I should be working really :word:) Anyway - I have just had a moment. Albeit may be a stupid one, however do you think it is possible to upgrade the standard 5 speed gearbox found in 1.6 tdi's to the 6 speed one found in the 2.0 tdi's, with a recode...
  6. TDi Age

    Aftermarket GTi style valance on TDi single pipe

    Hi all Am new to the forum and just wanted to get a bit of help as I have searched and searched and cannot seem to find anyone who has done this (or I am not looking in the right places). I recently bought this item from eBay...