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  1. RallyeGolfR20

    MK6R Whistle Noise

    Probably a vacuum leak. Does it happen when you rev it in park? Any lack of power?
  2. RallyeGolfR20


    IE Intake is definitely worth the $. My R has a Miltek exhaust and stage 1APR, ATS rims.
  3. RallyeGolfR20

    Steel wheels ???

    17x7 with spacers ?
  4. RallyeGolfR20

    Steel wheels ???

    Are there any steel wheels that clear the Golf R's calipers?
  5. RallyeGolfR20

    How to Tell What Tune?

    APR stage 1 with 3" turbo back exhaust IE intake, pulls hard at 5k rpm o_O
  6. RallyeGolfR20

    Everyone selling their R?

    Thought about trading it, anyone have 83 Audi Quattro Coupe :unsure::cool:
  7. RallyeGolfR20

    What did dealers offer for your used Mk6 Golf R?

    2012 for 24k with 23k miles. Already installed 3” turbo back miltek and APR high flow fuel pump
  8. RallyeGolfR20

    Golf R... fogs...

    I love my R, but every rallye car needs fog lights. Any projects out there? Thought of experimenting with the DRL. I don't want to change the look drastically.
  9. RallyeGolfR20

    ASTRID - SCCA TT National Tour & Time Attack Build

    Cool, I think I want to just black out my HID's, probably a smarter idea. Love this thread, thinking about tracking my ride also.
  10. RallyeGolfR20

    ASTRID - SCCA TT National Tour & Time Attack Build

    Just found this forum, Great thread I have a Mk6 Golf R with the adaptive HID's thought about switching to the Osram Xenarc headlights. 1. Is it worth it? Some say, they flicker 2. How much weight did you save changing the fenders and hood?