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    Hey I was wondering if I missed the post? But did Steve petty motorsports close there doors?
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    Stripped wheel locks

    Never mind. Please delete.
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    Unitronic intake

    Hey guy was wondering if anyone wants to trade my unitronic intake for APR STAGE 1+2 must be in good condition no cracks or broken tabs. As mine is in perfect condition. Comes with 2 filters too. GONE.....
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    Neuspeed rse05

    Hey what's up guys! Just picked up new wheels so I'm selling my rse05s gunmetal not a scratch on them. Bought them a little over a year ago. They have continental DWs 225/45/17 9/32s tread left. Asking 900 OBO. SOLD! Also have a used SRE stage 3 pressure plate and Fourseasontuning in-house...
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    VWR Intake

    VWR Intake stage 2 portion is wrapped in gold foil tape. 300.00 obo
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    Coding....... HELP!

    Can anyone help me with coding my new headlight? I can't for the life of me figure out how to only have the LEDs on with out the hid on for drl. I Olson have led tail too. I have vagcom so any help would be great or if I can come to you? And trust me I have searched and read for days now. Thanks...