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    USB-C passthrough?

    Does anyone make a USB-C port to fit the row of blank spaces in front of the shifter? Double Apex doesn't show one on their site (I'm not even sure they're still in business) and I couldn't find anything on Aliexpress. Are there any other options?
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    Turbo repair/mild upgrade

    I just wanted to share a good experience I recently had with a company/product that a lot of people on the forums don't seem to be aware of. At around 165k miles, my turbo started sounding like a dentist's drill, so it was time for replacement. I'm already stage 2, so I didn't want to re-buy a...
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    If you didn't already know, you can download every factory manual for your car for $35.

    Anyone can set up an erWin account, and they have an option for a one-day subscription that includes unlimited viewing/printing rights for $35. Once you get set up and buy the subscription, just search your VIN, open the document you want, and select 'print to PDF' as your printer to save it to...
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    Does anyone know if the Mk7 reverse camera will fit the Mk6 hatch lid?

    I'm not asking about a full wiring kit, I'm just wondering if the camera/badge unit itself will work with an existing retrofit. The terminals all look similar, but that doesn't mean the pinouts are the same or the coax cable will work. Anyone have experience with this?
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    VWR Racingling springs VWR31G60R for Golf R

    Used for about 50k miles. The coating on the fronts is rubbed a bit where they sat on the struts, the damage is cosmetic only - otherwise they're in great shape. Fits Mk5 R32, Mk6 Golf R, Mk5/6 Jetta $150 shipped.
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    2012 2013 Mk6 Golf R Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement DIY

    After searching, I couldn't find a good DIY for the Mk6 Golf R's wheel bearings - there are plenty of GTI and Mk7 R links out there, but nothing specific to the Mk6 R - so I put this together to add to the archive and help people who search for it in the future. It's a pretty simple procedure...
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    APR stage 2 intake section

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    FS: APR carbon fiber stage 1+2 intake

    Disregard. Reposting a new ad.
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    Revo SPS

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    VWR intake for Golf R

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    BNIB Corsa Golf R cat/res downpipe

    Bought this planning to go stage 2, stage 2 never happened. Brand new, never installed, still in original packaging. All hardware is still sealed in the bag, and instructions are included. Asking $700. Prefer local pickup in DC/Northern VA as shipping will be expensive, but we can work...
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    Anyone running the VWR cup kit? I'm due for new shocks, and I'm curious about the quality of the parts, how much it lowers the car, and ride quality...
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    FS: Golf R front brakes in NoVA

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    WTB: One 18" Talladega wheel in DC/MD/NoVA

    I need one wheel for my Golf R. I don't care if it comes with a tire. I don't care if it comes with TPMS. I don't even care if it's clean. As long as it's in good shape, straight with no/minimal curb rash. Would prefer to pick up locally, but I'm willing to ship if the price is right.
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    iphone 4 running iOS 5.1.1, Premium 8 head unit. Is there a way to keep bluetooth connectivity, but turn off streaming over BT? I tried the little square/triangle icon on the iphone's music controls, but that doesn't do anything. The radio manual tells you how to start streaming, but has...
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    I just traded my MkV GTI for a 2012 R (4 door, Rising Blue). My GTI gave me a lot of trouble, and I was actually ready to order a 2013 STi, but I got the chance to drive it back to back with an R last Thursday. The R is quieter, more responsive, easier to drive in traffic, rides better, brakes...