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  1. g-magoo

    Magoo's '14 CW GTI

    Long time lurker, but I'm finally getting to the point where I want to keep track of what I've done to the car and I prefer forums to FB. Photos are below for the filthy casuals that want to skip all the reading. Apologies in advance for the parentheses, it's just how my writing process works...
  2. g-magoo

    PCV Part Number issue/concern

    Long story short, months ago I purchased a revised OEM PCV... or so I thought. I looked at it when it arrived, looked right and didn't think much about it. Now I opened it today, as I was going to go ahead and swap out my old one. The issue I've ran into is, upon reinspecting the part, it's...
  3. g-magoo

    No longer needed, please delete.

    Found one, thanks.
  4. g-magoo

    WTB: OEM Non-LED HID Headlights

    Found a set. Thread can be closed.