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    *SOLD* Sub floor Stealth Box Golf R/GTI w/ MB Quart sub

    Interested. Where are you?
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    Boost leak test with OBDEleven?

    I've had my 2013 GTI about a month and when doing the oil change, I noticed a slight oil leak at the diverter valve. Haven't done anything about it yet, but am working on diagnosing it. Just got an OBDEleven Pro and have already scanned the car and found NO fault codes! Then, being the total...
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    Gear Number indicator on DSG?

    My car 2013 GTI Autobahn DSG... north american model Has anyone enabled gear number indicator (while in D or S) via coding? I've seen some reference to enabling it somewhere, but also read elsewhere that the North American Region (NAR?) cars don't allow for this without a DSG tune. I just got...
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    PCV: OEM or Genuine VW?

    So, is there a compelling reason to spend $150 on the genuine VW PCV vs an OEM version for $60? Car is a "new to me" mint 2013 GTI Autobahn DSG with rev "E" PCV.... don't know if there's any issue with what I have, but want to be proactive with maintenance. Thanks.