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    New project car - MK6 Golf R

    What are your impressions of the sway bar?
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    Mk6 Golf R Track Car - New Project

    Been digging on wheels a bit. Looks like hub centric 17s in 8-9.5 width are the move. I would say 17x8.5 with 245/40 are my ideal. The Neuspeed RS line has some good stuff in the RSe05, a 17x8, which should match well with 235/45. Would like to hear other options and opinions as well.
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    Suspension Questions

    The Cup Kits look great on a budget, but I suspect they are more about ride height than performance. I wonder if the OEM shocks/struts have sufficient valving to just go with springs. I'm also wondering if its all a waste of money until you get a fully adjustable coil over kit, then put in the...
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    Oil filler neck removal

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    Great Lakes VCDS/VAGCOM Locator Thread

    Madison WI area VCDS Hex-V2
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    Any Track Rats Still Active?

    I'd like to do a few events this summer. I was thinking a driver safety course at Road America, if I can find one. Maybe a few others in the Madison area.
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    Oil filler neck removal

    When we took off the oem engine cover, we found the oil filler neck had been broken and poorly superglued back together at some point. When reading the install instructions for the ECS engine cover, I see that you can remove that part to make a cleaner look, but I'm concerned about screwing it...
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    Need VAGCOM help!

    Is this the procedure from APR?
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    New project car - MK6 Golf R

    This is a great primer for getting a fun used car dialed in. I just got a 13R as well and am stoked. Whats the story with the warranty? Aftermarket? Thanks.
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    I once got a lighting error indicator when it was too cold for the headlights to steer. Went...

    I once got a lighting error indicator when it was too cold for the headlights to steer. Went away after a warm up and restart.
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    First Steps in modding

    I'm slowly memorizing every MK6 & R forum I can find. VWROC in on my radar too, but seems mostly British. It's been over a decade since I had a project, (2.8 A4) so loads of catching up to do.
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    First Steps in modding

    86k with full service record, all very tidy...but no record of a cam follower anywhere in there. I swapped it immediately and observed a pristine part coming out, which gives me hope that the car was gently driven. Thanks for the great advice!
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    First Steps in modding

    I'm two weeks into owning a 2013 R and have started some minor modding with an intake and chip. I think I made a mistake by not replacing cam follower first (remedied shortly) now I'm wondering what you would recommend as a rough order of operations for my next steps towards a stage 2...