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  1. A4X4

    Suspension Questions

    The Cup Kits look great on a budget, but I suspect they are more about ride height than performance. I wonder if the OEM shocks/struts have sufficient valving to just go with springs. I'm also wondering if its all a waste of money until you get a fully adjustable coil over kit, then put in the...
  2. A4X4

    Oil filler neck removal

    When we took off the oem engine cover, we found the oil filler neck had been broken and poorly superglued back together at some point. When reading the install instructions for the ECS engine cover, I see that you can remove that part to make a cleaner look, but I'm concerned about screwing it...
  3. A4X4

    First Steps in modding

    I'm two weeks into owning a 2013 R and have started some minor modding with an intake and chip. I think I made a mistake by not replacing cam follower first (remedied shortly) now I'm wondering what you would recommend as a rough order of operations for my next steps towards a stage 2...