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  1. dcpppf

    Only 20k Out Of Spark Plugs?

    So I had noticed a slight hesitation/stutter under heavy load (3/4 - WOT) in 4th, and 6th gear specifically. First noticed it being just a single stutter, then over the weekend noticed it turn in to a few rapid ones and a small afterfire sound from the exhaust. I broke out VCDS and ran some...
  2. dcpppf

    mk6 gti headliner removal discussion

    So I want to keep this as a rolling log of questions/hiccups. I have seen some videos on the removal and references to a really good DIY thread on another forum that appears to no longer be available. I started removing mine last night and plan to take my sweet time over the next week and a...
  3. dcpppf

    Saggy Headliner Touch-up DIY?

    So my headliner has started to sag around the reading lights at the front as well as the back seat. I purchased some 3m headliner adhesive a while ago and am finally getting around to using it. Curious if anyone here has any pro tips as I've never used this stuff before and don't really want to...
  4. dcpppf

    ECS turbo outlet pipe

    Full disclosure here, this has never been installed on my car. I picked up a fmic from the forums and the guy sent this along with a throttle body pipe. I installed the TB pipe but not this as I already have one. This is ECSs turbo outlet pipe for a mk5 & 6 gti and jetta. I was told it was on...
  5. dcpppf

    DIY Valve Cleaning - Media Blast Tips

    So I just ticked over 50k a month or so ago and within a week got my first CEL.. misfires. I swapped coil packs around and replaced plugs. Only misfires I've had have been isolated to cylinders 3 and 4 so I'm damn confident it is just carbon buildup. I'm planning to do the cleaning weekend...
  6. dcpppf

    Scam Alert

    All, just a heads up I got the below message from a user name "Squier" with 0 posts lol. Any way did a bit of google searching and found the same scam rolling across another forum. Can we get this user banned? Just a heads up to others to keep an eye out. "Contact Karen in Missouri, She has a...
  7. dcpppf

    WTB: Unitronic Intercooler

    Was hoping that Uni would have their IC's on sale again this tax season but not looking like it. If anyone is looking to part out and has a "gently used" one hit me up. If not I'll be keeping an eye out for any sales until I get fedup and bite the bullet for a new $600 one when the weather...
  8. dcpppf

    50k Carbon Buildup CEL I Think

    So I'm at like 49.8k, and last night I got my first CEL running to Home Depot. Got home, had misfires in 3 and 4 and "intermittent misfires" along with an evap small leak (was time stamped about 1k km earlier). Anyway, luckily I've been refreshing my memory on all 2.0T TSI probs since I'm...
  9. dcpppf

    Uni IC and top/tbp fitment

    I'm planning to get a unitronic IC next time I see them on sale. As far as I can tell my neuspeed turbo outlet pipe should fit but I wanted to ask/double check with you all first. Also... I skipped the throttle body pipe. Anyone think doing that along with the IC would be worth it? If so any...
  10. dcpppf

    Whiteline 24mm RSB: Teflon Bushings

    Just wanted to inform folks if they were unaware. I picked up a whiteline RSB off amazon for $150 the other day. Was expecting the yellow bushings pictured and a pack of grease as every video/diy/review/install has ever shown... But to my surprise it came with a set of black teflon bushings and...
  11. dcpppf

    timing tensioner pics help

    So with the new found spotlight of the tensioner failures I finally crawled under my 2012 gti to take a look at the tensioner. I'm pretty confident that i have the updated revision but was hoping someone would share/link me photos to the old vs new tensioner so I felt a bit more confident at...
  12. dcpppf

    New fuel filter and spark plugs = lower MPGs?

    I replaced my fuel filter and spark plugs a few weeks back and have noticed quite the drop in fuel mileage. ~ 40-50 miles per tank. I believe the new fuel filter went from 6.4 bar to 6.6 and my new plugs were .028" gapped (APR stage 2 recommendation). Any reason why such a drastic change in...
  13. dcpppf

    Chirp/Squeak from center vent

    2012 MK6 GTI, just this winter on the first real cold day a squeak/chirp started coming from the passenger side center vent just above the radio display. It sounds like a squeaky fan or something. It'll stop when i turn the fan speed to zero. I wasn't too concerned at first, but this morning i...
  14. dcpppf

    Uni Cat Back Fitment

    For the record I believe I am the 3rd owner of this exhaust. The passenger tip is doesn't stick out as far as the driver side, and is noticeably higher. I twisted and tightened/re tightened the v-bands but to no avail. The driver side seems about how it should, far enough out to see the logo on...
  15. dcpppf

    FS: Yakima Flush Wispbar with Clips

    As the title states. everything you need to get these mounted. for a 5 door. $250 shipped OBO please email me at if interested.
  16. dcpppf

    FS polar FIS $225

    Asking $225 shipped. Worked just fine when I removed it this morning. Screen looks great, TONS of info, I just don't pay attention enough to justify.
  17. dcpppf

    Parasitic current draw 300+ mA

    So as is my car will die if not started for ~7 days. I installed a Polar FIS a long while back and had always assumed it was the root cause, so I've been cautious with a battery tender and what not if I would be gone for extended periods of times (or it was good bike weather). Well, over the...
  18. dcpppf

    Dp to cat with reducers?

    I currently have an apr dp to stock cat. Looking at buying eurojet cat locally. The seller doesn't have the j pipe, and his current setup is an apr dp with reducer to the eurojet with a reducer... Essentially my setup would be the exact same but my question is if I'm missing out on anything by...
  19. dcpppf

    Early Signs of Carbon Build Up?

    First of all, I haven't hooked up the VCDS to monitor for misfires, but I'm hoping my polar FIS is reliable since it's reading from the can bus. This past winter I went for a ride and pulled up the polar FIS misfire info and every so often one or two would pop up on random cylinders. After...
  20. dcpppf

    $100 Callaway Gift Card

    I just played in a golf tournament and won a $100 gift card from callaway. Really would rather buy something for my car... Asking $90 for it obo. PM, call or text at 417-684-4483.