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    hub centric rings

    I am gonna order a set of of 16 in steelies with firestone winterforce 205/55/16 tires from Tire Rack, am i gonna need a set of rings or will the steelies be fine without any on there?????? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated
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    Can it be fixed

    Well this happened wednesday night. I guy just pulls across a 2 lane highway in front of me and i t-bone him at 55 mph. Im thinking its gonna be totaled but who knows???? At this point do i want it fixed or should i hope for a payoff and grab an 11
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    sirius channel lineup change

    was wondering if anybody has heard if our rns-510 will recognize the new channel lineup or are we screwed with channels that match what channel they are on
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    Drive Home

    Just wanted to say how satisfying and crazy fun it was to have a clear and cop free stretch of highway to blast it up to about 105 mph and then back it down. God i love my GTI:eek:
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    10k service

    I bought my car used with 3600 miles on it im at 8700 and am gonna take it in next week for my first service since im on vacation the car is over a calender year old that wont matter will it with the schedled free maintenace will it
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    APR carbonio

    I just ordered my carbonio, first is there any danger of CEL from installation and second am i gonna see any MPG gains from it
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    FS: AMP and Sub in Metro Detroit

    I have a Alpine type-r 12 in a ported enclosure and a Hifonics brutus 1208D monoblock amp for sale. The amp is rated @450 watts @ 4ohms and 1200 @ 1 ohm. I am also throwing in the amp kit for free. 250$ to the first bidder, and only in metro detroit im not doing shipping. PM if interested
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    Tint tomorrow

    Finally gonna get my 2dr csm dsg tinted going with 15% rear and 35% front hopefully post some pics when its nice out
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    Heated Seats????????????

    Are the standard Interlagos cloth seats heated on VW's website it says heated seats are standard
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    Metro Detroit dealers

    Hey im gonna be ordering a 2011 2dr. DSG in about 3 or 4 months and was wondering if anyone has any insight on dealers in my area. Ive already heard horror stories about Suburban in Farmington Hills, and ive had some preliminary talks with Ralph Thayer in Livonia. Any help would be awesome thanks