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  1. zrickety

    MFactory Helical LSD for DSG transmission *NIB*

    Treat your car this Christmas and save some money! Purchased earlier this year, this has just been sitting in my dining room. Helical limited slip differential the Honda and BMW crowd swear by. I've just sold the car and won't get to install it. Only opened for inspection and pictures. EDIT-...
  2. zrickety

    Rebuilding a 2.0 TSI after timing failure *ON A BUDGET*

    *DISCLAIMER- Every engine failure is unique. You may find more or less damage than I've encountered. This is by no means a comprehensive guide, but rather documenting what I find, and fix. You may opt to do additional work beyond the scope of this rebuild. At the time of this posting, a used...
  3. zrickety

    FS: OEM downpipe for 2.0 GTI

    $50. Came from a perfect 09 2.0 TSI GTI should fit 2010-2014. Includes cat and 2 sensors. I'm south of Atlanta but travel to Florida etc. Shipping at buyer expense. I hope someone can use it or it will go to the dump.
  4. zrickety

    Ticking noise, bent spark plugs SOLVED

    I think I found the source of the ticking noise. I replaced the intake manifold (P2015) and a large chunk of plastic was missing from between a couple ports. Something that goes over the flapper shaft. There was also considerable wear on the head where this piece was obviously moving around...
  5. zrickety

    Intake manifold- plates in the head

    So my manifold finally broke, I'm swapping it now. Has anyone tried running without the plates in the intake ports on the head? I would think it would flow a little better.
  6. zrickety

    Camshaft adjuster magnet

    Anyone have experience with this? I believe this is the source of my loud ticking noise. Would it cause the occasional stumble or misfire? It it worth cleaning or should I just swap it out?
  7. zrickety

    SCCA autocross classing for K04

    I'm looking at the draft rules...they say STH is for street cars with bolt-ons. I'm assuming K04 would bump me into street prepared ('unrestricted induction' although they mention stock turbo), or even SMF. I think I read that boost piping must be stock for STH, so that bumps me out even...
  8. zrickety

    VW electric dune buggy

    No promises for production, but I would seriously consider one. The rwd ID electric is on my wishlist.
  9. zrickety

    Our UK friends...Ok who did this? LOL

    GTI caught in South Yorkshire for 'McDonald's run.'
  10. zrickety

    P0328 Knock sensor

    Car started rough a couple weeks ago and smoothed out. Random misfire codes. I replaced the plugs, it had been awhile. Then I started hearing a tapping sound, though it might be an exhaust leak. Well now I have this code and I think it's more serious. I've been clearing it thinking it was the...
  11. zrickety

    WTB: Unibrace UB

    If anyone is looking to sell, let me know. Thanks
  12. zrickety

    Oil temp on MFD...factory wire?

    I have the option for oil temp on the MFD, but the car is not wired for it. I can add the sender. Does anyone know which pin or where I would need to tap the ECU harness to add this function?
  13. zrickety

    FS: Aluminum REAR hubs/spindles/knuckles

    These are a nice upgrade from the cast iron GTI rears. The aluminum parts come from Passat/Tiguan/Eos, are stronger and lighter (3 lbs each) to lose some unsprung weight. They add about 20mm width per side, which is more than I initially thought. Will clear easily on a stock car but if you...
  14. zrickety

    P2015 has anyone diagnosed this?

    I know it's the intake flapper position, I know it was covered by extended warranty, I know most people just swap the manifold out. What I am wondering is if anyone has cleaned up the flaps or otherwise fixed their existing manifold? The arm hasn't popped off and everything from outside...
  15. zrickety

    Drive shafts, axles

    I have a slight vibration at high speed and assuming the tires are ok I'm looking at replacement axles. Can anyone recommend some good ones that take K04 power on up? I've seen mention of Drive Shaft Shop and just sent a message to Raxles. I also see a few options on ECS and kind of...
  16. zrickety

    Fender flares

    Just curious if anyone has a line or link on some flares for our cars, universal fit or otherwise. I'm mainly looking for the rear to clear wider passat parts, nothing outrageous a simple inch or 2 would be plenty.
  17. zrickety

    FS: OEM LED tails, dark cherry, no fog, 2 reverse

    Edit- SOLD. I have a nice set of dark cherry HELLA tails on my GTI. $500 plus shipping.
  18. zrickety

    Mandela Effect?

    Hey guys, this has been on my radar the past couple days. Just curious if you guys have heard of this or have seen it happen??
  19. zrickety

    Color choices...

    I know this is very subjective, but who else wishes VW gave us more options?? My 2010 is getting old, and at the track there were 3 or 4 GTI that looked just like mine. The mk1 had more colors than you can shake a stick at, the mk3 too. I'm not interested in a wrap, going full respray next year...
  20. zrickety

    Mk7 green R

    I tried posting on the mk7 forum with no luck. Does anyone know the official color of the green R from the Car and Driver review? Is this GTI the same color?