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  1. haleyann

    WaterWerks Spring Edition - May 4th

    I just found out about this show so I thought I'd spread the news... WaterWerks is coming to the Portland area! This Sunday, May 4th at Clark College in Vancouver. Vendors, swap, judged show, and show and shine, just like the WaterWerks show up north. Gates open at 10 am. 8:30 for show cars...
  2. haleyann

    What's on your Christmas wish list?

    We have one of these threads every year, and I want ideas for secret santa :) What do you want to unwrap this Christmas? Have you been naughty or nice?
  3. haleyann

    AMA: haleyann

    Ask me anything. Nothing is off-limits.
  4. haleyann

    Pacific Waterland in Woodburn, OR Anyone thinking about going? I'm showing my car :)
  5. haleyann

    starting issues

    figured I'd keep this out of the chat threads... so a few days ago I started my car, everything was fine, then suddenly the RPMs dropped and I thought the engine died but it revved back up. It has done that every morning since. I just got back from a weekend trip and started my car this evening...
  6. haleyann

    The College Thread

    Let's talk about college and bitch about classes. Finals are going to suck this semester... not a single teacher decided to make it easy on us, so I have my website due at midnight, four finals and a grade defense paper next week. :(
  7. haleyann

    clear bra stains

    During a heroic attempt to save me from a swarm of bees that decided to attack my car, my friend accidentally sprayed the front end of my car with bee killer. I was on my way to class so I couldn't wash my car, and it ended up sitting in the sun for a while. I washed my car today and the spots...
  8. haleyann

    theodore's new mom!

    After three years of searching for a new car, my mom finally decided to order a 2012 Audi Q5 with a 2.0T. I'm extremely excited about this car, my mom has been driving Camrys way too long and it was time for her to get something worth driving! the only problem I have with it (I got to...
  9. haleyann

    Rear emblem mod - finally

    I've wanted to do this for a while now but was too lazy to order vinyl inserts for my rear emblem. So instead I went to my local craft store and found sheets of duct tape in all those fashionable prints and colors I've been seeing lately. I bought an 8x11 sheet for about $2, took off the...
  10. haleyann

    Leavenworth Drive

    In case any of you don't check vortex, the Leavenworth Drive is coming up and this would be the perfect chance for us MK6 people to finally meet! so who plans on going?
  11. haleyann


    I'm looking to buy a polisher so I can finally get rid of swirl marks in my paint. I've been shopping around a bit, and since I'm a fan of Griot's, of course I want the 6" random orbital or the pneumatic orbital. At first I was thinking close to $200 is a bit much, but after shopping around it...
  12. haleyann

    port townsend

    is anyone going? i want to but i'm not sure yet if i can.
  13. haleyann

    clay in clearbra

    so i detailed my car a couple weeks ago, and i was a little careless and hit the edge of my clearbra with clay. i was hoping that some rain and a couple washes would help, but no. does anyone know a solution?
  14. haleyann

    best car you've ever driven?

    just wondering what everyone has had a chance to drive. what are your favorites? i was offered to drive a bentley continental once... i was 15, no license, and scared to death that i was going to hit something. so i turned on the car, waited a while, then got in the passenger seat lol. surely...
  15. haleyann

    and i thought i was original

    the other day i was day dreaming and thought it would be awesome to style my car after my favorite car - the porsche gt3 rs so i told my boyfriend about my brilliant idea, and he was excited that i was planning to get rid of the pink, but then he said, "oh, you mean like this?" well, it...
  16. haleyann

    perfect day for driving

    so today i had nothing to do and the sun was shining (which is kinda rare in december here) so i filled my baby up with gas and just drove north. i seriously love where i live. some people say i live in the boonies, but i'm only 10 minutes from a taco bell, so its not that bad. but it's...
  17. haleyann

    is this everything i need for HIDs?

    for my birthday, my boyfriend bought me this HID kit, H7 bulbs, 55W 4500K when we tried to install them, it seemed like something was missing, so he ended up installing them in his porsche. (yeah, so i got nothing for my birthday) he said he'd put them in my car once i figured out what else i...
  18. haleyann

    some biodiesel questions

    first, i just want to say, if i had more money i would have gotten a tdi. so i'm writing a research paper on alternative fuels, and i started by watching the documentary Fuel (if you have netflix, definitely watch it, its really interesting). it pretty much gave me everything i know about...
  19. haleyann

    picking out new wheels!

    its about time to replace my pink hubcaps. so i've been looking for wheels, but i don't have a ton of money, i'm a jobless college student, so i'm willing to spend $800 max, which rules out the lamborghini reps everyone tells me to get. i would love some opinions! i found these amg wheels used...
  20. haleyann

    weird thing happened this morning

    a screw punctured my tire on friday and i would have taken it in immediately but i didn't get a chance or drive my car til this morning. I went out to my car and of course so much air had leaked out of my tire that there was no way i could drive it. i turned on my car to back it out of the...