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    Opinion: What's the Best Aftermarket OBD2 Scanner?

    OBD Eleven 100%, its basically VCDS in mobile form.
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    Help: Car won't Start or cranking

    Seriously lol. Better late than never! So many people create topics about issues that have no resolution.
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    Koni Yellow won't drop all the way into strut knuckle

    I had one strut that would not fit in once no matter what I tried, I had the knuckle spread with two strut spreaders simultaneously it would not slip in at all. Couldnt not even could jack from the bottom of the knuckle to compress the strut in, even started lifting the car with the jack. I...
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    Another timing chain failure

    god damn you sure it was the tensioner?
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    Odd Question: What Would Be Considered "Normal" RPM Behavior While at Idle?

    It doesn't take long to pull off the intake, though the stock intake to turbo retaining clamps are a bitch, I end up replacing them with regular hose clamps. Worth a check
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    Odd Question: What Would Be Considered "Normal" RPM Behavior While at Idle?

    You have a leak somewhere in the system most likely. Id start with checking the pcv breather hoses and definitely remove the intake and check the silicone coupler that connects the rear intake tube to the turbo.
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    Comprehensive list of VCDS diagnostics?

    Runs some logs. Here's a good starter guide: Do like a 3rd or 4th gear ~1500 to redline WOT, run to get the best results. It will be pretty easy to see if you have boost leaks or are pulling timing. Also I like to check the 032 fuel measuring...
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    new to the group but need help bad 2010 gti misfiring on all cylinders

    P0011 and P052A in conjunction point towards the vvt cam adjuster, there's a badly designed little oil filter screen in the cam bridge bracket that goes over the cams and unfortunately its very common for this screen to blow out, if youre lucky it will get stuck some where where it wont damage...
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    What did you pay to have your tensioner updated?

    Idk if he still does it but a guy in Norcal from the vw norcal group did mine for like $250 + parts in his garage with a lift, he did the entire thing in under 2 hours. He did a lot of tensioners for users with no issues. I eventually learned how to do it myself though and had to back and redo...
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    Anybody use micro jump starters

    I have had a cheap one for years from Amazon. Has saved me a bunch of times.
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    Another Oil Leak Thread, or: There Are Many Like It, But This One Is Mine.

    Its from this self study tech guide on the 2.0 TSI. I just remembered it had good pics of the oil and coolant passage flow
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    Another Oil Leak Thread, or: There Are Many Like It, But This One Is Mine.

    You can also leak oil and coolant from the accessory bracket oil cooler assembly where it mounts directly to the block. There's a gasket there too, I have had a tiny tiny coolant leak from the top there where it mounts to the block for years now but have just let it go since its a huge PITA...
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    Misfire issue

    I had a stuck injector that only gave a single misfire code but it was super obvious because the plug was wet with gasoline and the exhaust smelled like straight gas and was smoking.
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    New 2011 GTI owner, New cylinder head?

    Nice!! You had the weak link already taken care of with all the newest updated parts (chain, tensioner) plus a new DSG clutch!! Enjoy the car
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    Oil Leak Left side looking(passenger) HELP

    Also I think its the gasket and not the cam cover seal cause you can see the gasket on the timing cover wet with oil in one of the pics and it seeps out of there and pools on top of the cover by the oil filler, also when this leaks it tends to be heavily biased towards the passenger side and...
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    Oil Leak Left side looking(passenger) HELP

    Is it even possible to fit a ratcheting 10mm down there with the bracket in place? I tried with mine but didnt even come close to fitting. A regular 10mm open end wrench fits but barely. Its a takes forever to get the two bottom ones since I could only turn like 1/10 turn a time lol. Ive done it...
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    Oil Leak Left side looking(passenger) HELP

    Also theres an o-ring inside the cam adjuster end where the solenoid slides into that you should replace too while you have the cover off.
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    Oil Leak Left side looking(passenger) HELP

    Looks like it might be your upper timing cover gasket, common issue. I had to replace mine as well and had a very similar leak. Its a huge PITA to do with the engine mount and bracket in place but its possible with a very long 10mm wrench. The bottom two bolts are difficult to reach. You can...
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    Replaced PCV now engine has gone bonkers

    Yeah i'm sure its a far superior seal to the OEM (even the updated) I just didn't trust myself with only limited time and money trying to get this job done in my garage last winter lol when I knew I could get the OEM right the first time for sure. I think they may even have changed the design of...
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    Replaced PCV now engine has gone bonkers "We are sorry but we are no longer offering this product. This is due to issues around installation errors causing oil leaks after install. While we beleive this product is a solid choice but, installation...