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    Misfires, no codes

    I have the same issues with carbon build up, misfires etc. Have had a lot of work done to the car lots of new bits but it’s still running rich and misfiring, I’m getting a code P0172, have you any info on any codes you got from this?
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    P0172 Trouble shooting

    Hi did you ever manage to get rid of the P0172 issues you were having? And how/what was the causes?
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    Car won't start but battery is healthy

    Did you ever find the issue to this problem with the P0172 on your car?
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    P0172 & Fuel rail pressure rises after engine off?

    Hi, also having similar problems, did you ever manage to fix this issue with over fuelling causing carbon build up? Also changed a lot of parts.
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    Misfires and Fuel Too Rich/Lean Codes

    Did you ever solve your problem with P0172? I’m having a lot of trouble with this now also!