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  1. DallasDub94

    FS: ARM fmic

    ARM Fmic ~15k mi. Comes with all hardware for install. It's the black coated version. You'll have to re-use your oem TOP connector though. I suggest getting an AWE S3 style pipe to run with these. $300 obo I'm located in the DFW area. I'm willing to ship, however buyer will cover shipping...
  2. DallasDub94

    What is the correct HID kit/bulb size for Ed's R style Headlights?

    I apologize if this has been asked several times before but the info I've found is somewhat confusing. I recently purchased a used set of what I believe are Ed's R rep headlights for halogen cars. I'm gonna send them off to get blacked out and have the lenses refreshed and want to order the...
  3. DallasDub94

    Anyone have experience with Supernovalighting?

    Been wanting to upgrade my crappy halogens and I honestly still prefer the oem bi-xenon look over the mk7 style. I saw the helix ones (depo), they look decent but I'd definitely want to black out the housings and have the projectors upgraded. I stumbled upon these lights while search for...
  4. DallasDub94

    ECU ignoring Commanded Rail Pressure from tune

    My car is a 2013 DSG with a CCTA engine. I'm having an issue with my car where the ecu is ignoring the commanded rail pressure from my tune and setting it's own target rail pressure causing maxed out stft correction, high injection times and often times a lean afr. Rail pressure target varies...
  5. DallasDub94

    DSG Stutter/Jerk low speed or incline

    I know there a literally thousands of threads on this, so I apologize in advance for the redundancy. Trying to get recent opinions/experiences. I have 2013 DSG 4-door GTI. Intermittently my DSG stutters at very low speed and on inclines. Occasionally hitting the gas from a stop (where it...
  6. DallasDub94

    Anyone tried Fuel-it flex fuel kit? Has anyone tried the kit above kit or any of their products. I will be tuning for E30-40 soon and would like to have a quick and easy reference to know the ethanol percentage of the fuel in my tank. This kit is pretty straight forward...
  7. DallasDub94

    Traction Control/Torque Limitation - Stock DSG software

    Currently running custom stratified stage 2. Ported stock turbo, forge wga, IE intake manifold... etc. Tune is aggressive. pushing 23psi Also... powerflex alk, front control arm bushings and insert(which I think needs replacing... wheel hop has returned) + continental extremecontact sports...
  8. DallasDub94

    Who has had a cracked downpipe?

    What would be the symptoms of a cracked downpipe? I've heard of a few people having Cobb downpipes crack on them at the flange. Currently my car performs well. However whenever I get into boost, there is very loud noise that comes from under the car. I can tell it's a turbo noise, just sounds...
  9. DallasDub94

    DSG Slip or Something Else?

    So my car is Stratified stage 2, stock TCU mapping and I was doing logs for my current revision. Did a pull in 3rd from 1800ish rpm to redline, right around peak torque (3500ish) rpm, I got what felt like slippage. Logs show rpm dropped from 3700 to 3400 and then picked up again, also saw some...
  10. DallasDub94

    Best way to Setup a Egt sensor/gauge

    Anyone running a Egt sensor/gauge? In addition to getting a wideband AFR Gauge and Boost gauge, I want add a Egt gauge for when I start running water/meth in Jan/Feb. I'm guessing I need to probe/tap the exhaust manifold?
  11. DallasDub94

    Recommendation Stripping/Painting Euro Lip

    I bought a Euro lip recently from a MK6 owner on FB. It's supposed to be here this week. It's painted black and textured. What would be the easiest way to remove the old paint/texture properly? Also going to prep it for paint. I haven't decided if I want to paint it Candy White or Black yet...
  12. DallasDub94

    WTB TX: Bosch 3-Bar Map sensor.

  13. DallasDub94

    WTB VWR Intake or APR Carbonio Intake for MK6 GTI

    Looking to buy a VWR Intake or Carbonio Intake just like the title says. Currently have IE Cai, but my ported turbo is causing extremely bad resonance. I prefer the VWR intake but Carbonio will work as well. I want the newest version of Carbonio, just need stage 1 portion. Thanks. Please pm...
  14. DallasDub94

    Borrow Closed Intake for test

    Anybody near/in Dallas have a closed box style intake I could borrow for a pull or 2? I'm trying to determine if my intake is causing a squeal/whistle/bad resonance under boost. APR Carbonio or VWR Intake Honestly I'll try any intake, hate this noise. Thanks J.
  15. DallasDub94

    RPM Dip Cause?

    What would cause a dip in rpms at WOT? Looks like hesitation on the cluster, logs show a slight dip. I get a surge right around 5k rpm pretty consistently in 3rd gear, you can hear the exhaust tone shift and rpms speed up. I've read a few threads on this, never saw a actual dip. Pics of dips...
  16. DallasDub94

    Loud Noise under Boost/Load???

    I've had a loud shriek/leak/whistling noise under boost for the last 6 months or so. No CELs. So far things I've changed trying to fix: Uninstalled Turbosmart dv, replaced with dv+ (on a Rev D) Replaced Exhaust Manifold/DP gaskets. (Solved a separate noise. There were 3 broken studs)...
  17. DallasDub94

    For Sale: Neuspeed Top, Spulen Charge Pipe, Unitronic DV Relocation Kit, and More

    For Sale: Neuspeed TOP (doesn't have silicone coupler or machined fitting) - $100 (+shipping) Spulen Charge Pipe - $100 shipped Spulen Turbo Muffler Delete* - $50 shipped Turbosmart Plumb back Dv (older version)- $100 shipped Unitronic DV Relocation Kit (Brand new) - Returned *Silicone Hose...
  18. DallasDub94

    Turbo Muffler Delete Opinions / Fitment issues

    How many of y'all are running either Spulen(USP motorsports) or Cts turbo muffler delete kit? Or another brand? I was replacing my Neuspeed Top with a AWE Top. (Nothing wrong with the Neuspeed, just don't like pushing high boost through the leaky stock coupler) Anyways I noticed that the...
  19. DallasDub94

    Clogged Catalytic Converter??? How to check

    Edit* So not the downpipe, but more likely the exhaust manifold. Will update when solved. I currently have a cobb catted downpipe on my car and I believe the cat is partially clogged. Had a bad boost leak last year and ran rich for quite a while. January of this year I got several stuck...
  20. DallasDub94

    FS: Turbosmart Plumb back Dv

    Used Turbosmart plumb back dv for sale. Has about 6k miles on it. Dv is in great condition and worked flawlessly. I'm selling because I prefer using a DV+. Still has vacuum line, boost tap and all fittings, you'll just need a few small zip ties to secure the vacuum line...