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    WTB: Mk6 Golf R Front Brakes

    I am in search of MK6 Golf R Front Brakes for my MK6 GTI. I am mainly just looking for calipers since I plan to upgrade pads, rotors, and stainless lines. Please reach out if you know somebody or if you are selling a set. I'm located in Cincinnati, but shipping shouldn't be bad with just two...
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    No longer needed
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    Stock Turbo + GFB DV+, TOP, Turbo Muffler Delete

    Selling a stock IHI turbo that came off my mk6 GTI. The turbo has just under 7k miles on it $350. Zero shaft play and no issues. I removed it to install a bigger turbo on my GTI. Included is the stock turbo muffler. I also have a CTS Turbo muffler delete that I can throw in for $65, a GFB DV+...
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    FMIC Question

    I just recently installed a CTS K04-X Turbo kit on my mk6 GTI. When I swapped a Neuspeed K04 Turbo Outlet Pipe onto my car, I realized my FMIC intercooler hose is too short. With my last setup, I had a Neuspeed K03 pipe and it required me to trim some of the silicone hose. Where can I purchase a...
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    Supernova Tail Lights

    I am selling a set of Supernova Midnight Black Sequential LED Tail Lights. I put a protective sealant around all of the edges to be certain they would never leak. They were installed on my car for 4 months and never leaked, although I hardly let my car get rained on. They have a 7+ year...
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    MK6 GTI Catch-Can Kit

    I am selling my catch-can setup that I used on my mk6 GTI for about 1.5 years. This kit worked great with the oem PCV, but I have no purpose for it anymore. Now it is just sitting in a closet in a box. It pulled plenty of water/oil mixture out of the lines to help preserve the engine and turbo...
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    MK6 ABT Front Grill

    Selling a brand new ABT Style front grill. This will fit mk6 GTI, Golf, and Golf R. I removed the mesh lining because I felt it looked tacky when I was planning on installing it. Included is a brand new black emblem to go along with the never installed front grill. A picture is attached to give...
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    WTB: Mk6 GTI Headliner

    I am looking to buy a headliner out of a mk6 GTI 4 door with a sunroof. I would prefer one in good shape, but I will still buy one that sags. I am located in Cincinnati, Ohio but I am willing to drive if necessary. Thanks.
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    MK6 Edition 35 Shift Knob and Boot

    Selling a mk6 Edition 35 Shift knob and boot. I never ended up installing it and it still has the metal piece that is used to clamp onto the actual shifter. It's just taking up space so here is a good deal. Can ship if the buyer pays for it. Asking $85
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    FS: MK6 GTI Tail Lights

    Selling a set of tail lights off my mk6 gti. These were purchased from a couple years ago, but they are no longer sold there. I paid about $400 for them brand new. Decided to change up the rear end on my car and I want different lights. I applied extra sealant around the...
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    Mk6 Gti Front Splitter

    Selling a brand new front splitter for a mk6 GTI. It comes with all the mounting hardware. Originally paid $70 plus shipping, but decided to go with a Golf R bumper instead of my GTI bumper. Asking $45 plus shipping.
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    MK6 GTI Shift Knob

    Selling a shift knob for a mk6 gti. I bought it as a replacement awhile back but I decided to just keep my heavy knob. It's just collecting dust so I figured it should go to a new home. Located in Ohio. Asking $50 plus shipping
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    Shift Knob

    Selling this brand new shift knob and boot. Decided to keep my BFI Weighted knob instead. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio Asking $55 plus shipping
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    FS: Shift Knob

    Selling a mk6 GTI suede shift knob. It looks amazing and will be a perfect addition to an interior. I decided to keep the heavy knob in my car. $50 plus shipping. Brand New!
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    FS Euro Switch

    Selling this Euro Switch that came in my mk6 GTI from the previous owner. It is in great shape and works perfect. Urotuning sells them for $70 + tax and shipping. Asking $45
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    GTI Weighted Shift Knob

    I have this metal shift knob for sale. It looks and feels great! Weighs 9 oz or 270 grams. It feels much better than stock. Used for about 2 months. Asking $60 plus shipping Near perfect condition as well
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    GTI Flush Spacer Kit

    I have a set of GTI spacers for sale from ECS Tuning. They were used for a couple months and then I got new wheels and no longer needed them. 2x 15mm spacers for the front and 2x 20mm spacers for the rear. Included are extended lugs and they will work on most Vw’s and Audi’s. Will Ship if...
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    Flush Spacer Kit

    I have a set of Flush spacers for a mk6 GTI. 15mm Front and 20mm rear. Fitment was great with stock wheels, but I decided to get new wheels. Have extended lug bolts as well. $125 Plus shipping.
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    Xenon Oem Headlights

    Selling my Oem projector headlights. There are a few spider cracks in the lenses, but no water gets in. I replaced the high beam bulbs with LEDs so they are super bright. Lenses only cost $50 so someone could easily replace them. You can not tell they have spider cracks unless you are right next...
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    VW Accessory Wheels

    I have a set of VW Accessory wheels that I am interested in selling. There is about 10k miles on them and they have Michelin A3+ tires in great shape as well. There is no curb rash on them! MSRP is $394 a piece...