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  1. gixxerfool

    Forge Motorsports Customer Service

    Let me start by saying, many people (including myself), are ready to jump to the internet and complain about a company, but many, again including myself, do not take the time to spread a positive story when it happens. I bought a used Forge intake tube online and when it arrived, it did not...
  2. gixxerfool

    Airbrush Artists need compressor info

    So I bought an airbrush after many years of eyeing them and never pulling the trigger. I have used brushes since I was a kid, but I need compressor sug gestions. I was looking at a small table top, the Iwata Ninja, but for around the same money I can get a smaller home compressor. Nothing...
  3. gixxerfool

    Help with Alibaba Trade Assurance Dispute Process

    I ordered a set of tails form alibaba. After 2 months they arrive. Went to make sure they plug in and sure enough the inner left has an inner right connector on it. I open a dispute and the rep from the seller stated I needed to cut the tab to fix and I refuse to that only because I paid him...