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  1. Mk6milli

    Mk6 Golf 2.5l lean issues?

    So I've had my 2010 golf 2.5l for a little over a year now and looking into things a little further now, I've noticed I am running lean. The car has had the cat removed and a new catback dual-tip exhaust from rev9 (don't judge me I was broke when I "upgraded"). It also has a CAI installed and...
  2. Mk6milli

    Exhaust part way done

    So I decided to chop my exhaust up and do a little custom work to it. I removed all mufflers and installed a magnaflow 10416 res in the middle and its running straight out a 2.5 pipe For now until I figure out how I wanna do the back end. I’ve removed the rear valance and am thinking of trying...
  3. Mk6milli

    18x9.5 X5 wheels on mk6 golf?

    Found some wheels on CL for super cheap figured I’d pick them up and see how they look on the hatch. Never really purchased wheels or anything besides tires on my stock Detroit’s. Anyway the wheels are 18x9.5 and I’m not sure about the offset but I am running H&R springs and am dropped about 1.5...
  4. Mk6milli

    Fixes for cheap painted wheels. What’s your opinion?

    I purchased my mk6 golf back in October 2019 and I’m absolutely loving it. Aside from the good I’ve got some gti “Detroit” wheels that came on it I’m assuming the previous owner just purchased as it’s just a base golf with a 5 speed and 2.5. So about the wheels, the previous owner painted them...
  5. Mk6milli

    Mobil1 GL-5 synthetic gear lubricant LS?

    Had a buddy of mine recommend this to me its a, Mobil1 API GL-5 synthetic gear lubricant (limited slip)? Anyways I'm about to change the fluid in my 2010 mk6 golf 5mt (2.5L), and when he had recommended this to me right before pulling the trigger, I got a little skeptical.. Was wondering if...
  6. Mk6milli

    My first VW!

    Hey guys, got myself a mk6 golf 2.5 5MT about a month ago not much done but some springs and a cai. Looking to get coilovers this spring. Loving the car. 120k miles picked it up for a crisp 3400$. Let me know what you guys think! (Barrels are no longer the horrid green color the previous owner...