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    EOI GB: Billet failsafe Timing chain tensioner.

    Hi Guys, Most of you know i've been building a stage 4 engine, i've made this product as a result of the prior failure. Everyone knows that our timing chain tensioners shit themselves. I've done the research and found the problem. I've also engineered a solution. Problem; When the engine is...
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    FS: Upgraded TSI injectors. Shipped anyware immeadiately.

    Hi Guys, I know this isn't the correct section, but its highly specializes gear.. I have a second set of NEW upgraded TSI injectors i'd like to sell. They are FORD injectors, the part number supplied by RAI and proven to work, flowing 30% more than the OEM injectors. As stated above, these...
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    Myth-Busted: 2.0 TSI upgraded injectors mystery solved.

    Hi Guys, This thread has been something I’ve been busting to post, and now the time is right so here it is.. Yeah I’m sure it’s going to piss off a few people, but that’s life. :rolleyes: Most here know that I’m building a big turbo GTI and that I’ve had my share of issues. The time it has...
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    New Release: INA Engineering Oil Pressure Sender distro block.

    Hi Golfers, INA Engineering has just completed a new product! It is a billet fitting to provide a reliable and accessible distribution point for oil pressure, enabling you to monitor oil pressure, temperature etc with the installation of an aftermarket gauge It fits over the top of the...
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    Sammy's hardcore build.

    Hi Guys, Sam from Sydney, Australia i thought i might share some Mk6 love over here :) Specs are as follows; 2010 MK6 GTI, delivered June. 5 door, 6MT, SatNav, Sunroof, 18's, RVC. Pic of the car in the showroom First mod was GIAC stage 2 tune, 3" DP and K&N filter... Some tints and a...
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    2.0 TSI oil surge/ blow by on the track

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