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  1. jedred1

    2.0 tsi

    The 2.0 TSI engine is used in many Audi and Volkswagen platforms. Would a short block 2.0 tsi from any platform work in my 2.0 TSI golf mk6? My engine is working fine but I think I might get a back up short block to replace the inevitable end of my engine
  2. jedred1

    Sold: License plate LED's from Deautokey I thought these would be a good idea when one of my lights went out but there to bright for my taste so any one want them? $15 bucks and shipping takes them.
  3. jedred1

    How long should a 3" high flow (200 cell) cat last

    I did my smog check today. We can have one un-ready here in Salt Lake County (Utah) and I knew going in that I had 2. 1) was my missing cat due to APR downpipe. 2) was an O2 sensor. I've had my car since 2012 and the APR catted downpipe since 2013. I have not had a problem with the O2 sensor for...
  4. jedred1

    What to do?

    Please help. So now I've replaced my pads/rotors I want to replace my brake fluid altogether with this: I've read that this is the order to bleed/flush in: 1- Left front, 2 - Right front, 3 - Left rear, 4 - Right rear. But...
  5. jedred1

    What hardware needs to be replaced when doing OEM pads and rotors

    I want to replace my brake pads and rotors and wonder what other parts should you replace at the same time. I’m talking things like stretch blots and stuff like that? Things you shouldn't reuse. Thank you for your help
  6. jedred1

    These Plugs Okay?

    Are NGK Laser Spark Plugs (1675) PFR7S8EG okay for APR stage 2 tune?
  7. jedred1

    Clang in the Passenger rear

    I have a clanging (not a thump) going on in the passenger rear of the car and my shop said it is the passenger rear end link. I have DSG springs and after market (thick) anti-sway-bars in the front and rear. Both set to hard. I am considering replacing them all with adjustable end links. The...
  8. jedred1

    advice please

    I'm looking for some advice. Background: I have DG springs, stock shock/struts all around, SPM 26 front/22 rear ASB set to hard on both. With this set up I have lowered about 1.5 - 2 inch over all. Now I would like to get shock / struts all around to smooth out my harsh ride. I have always...
  9. jedred1

    do I need a new turbo? Code P0299

    So the GTI MK6 is at 80,600 miles so as per the routine maintenance schedule I got the timing chain looked at expecting to have to replace it but the tech said this. "TECHNICIAN NOTES: - ROAD TESTED THE VEHICLE SEVERAL MILES IN ATTEMPT TO DETECT ANY ABNORMAL NOISES AND CHECK VEHICLE...
  10. jedred1

    Removing Battery

    Do you think if you left a battery tender hooked up while removing the battery for work it wouldn't need resetting? I'm changing the DSG fluid tommorow and need to remove battery tray ect.
  11. jedred1

    Get condensation out of LED tail light?

    Any advice getting condensation out of my Depo R tail light? I only have it in the turn signal area of one side.
  12. jedred1

    I'm currently at APR stage 2 version 1.2

    I'm currently at APR stage 2 version 1.2 and am very satisfied. I hear there are newer versions. Is it worth it to update to the latest? Will it help with passing emissions? Better gas mileage? What have you guys noticed with version 3? (I think it's up to now)
  13. jedred1

    OEM 2012 MK6 Tail lights with all OEM bulbs

    FS: OEM 2012 MK6 Tail lights with all OEM bulbs in place. $100 (you pay shipping) Pictured in my profiles picture section
  14. jedred1

    FS: CBFA OEM Downpipe form MK6 GTI

    I took off the CBFA OEM Downpipe at 5000 to go stage 1. My tune and down pipe are working great so now it's for sale. $75 and you pay shipping from SLC UT.
  15. jedred1

    Kick Ass GTI updates

    bout time I started one of these so I can share updates with myself. soon to be updated
  16. jedred1

    Emissions fail

    I have APR stage 2 with APR down pipe and CTS cat back. Last year I passed Emissions just fine and I swar I did it this way: I used OBDII app to clear any CEL's that might be lurking (I haven't had any as of late FYI). Also, for good measure, I used the APR FAULT CODE ERASE / THROTTLE BODY...
  17. jedred1

    OEM turbo back MK6 GTI (2012)

    OEM Patrs for MK6 GTI 2012 time to clean out the garage so all parts for very cheap - OEM CBFA down pipe exhaust (OEM cat back sold) 20,000 mi $50 I prefer local SLC, Cottonwood Heights area pickup but if you want to pay for shipping then just PM me for a quote
  18. jedred1

    OEM MK6 GTI parts F/S

    OEM Patrs for MK6 GTI 2012 time to clean out the garage so all parts for very cheap - OEM CBFA down pipe exhaust (Cat back sold) 10,000 mi $50 - OEM front sway bar 20,000 mi $15 - OEM springs from 4 door. 20,000 mi $25 (sale pending) - OEM amber front running lights 1,000 mi $5 - OEM Tail...
  19. jedred1

    F/S OEM parts MK6 GTI 2012

    time to clean out the garage so all parts for very cheap - OEM down pipe exhaust (cat back SOLD!!) 10,000 mi $50 - OEM airbox 5,000 mi $20 (SOLD) - OEM front sway bar 20,000 mi $15 - OEM springs 20,000 mi $25 (sale pending) I prefer local SLC - Cottonwood Heights area pickup but if...
  20. jedred1

    FS: Golf R IC

    SOLD Up for sale is one brand new, never installed, MK6 Golf R IC (part# 1K0145803BP). I purchased this in 2015 with intentions of going KO4 but financial needs have changed my priorities. It is just for the IC no hoses or clamps. I will let it go for $200. If your close to SLC, UT you...