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    Downpipe or Exhaust?

    Downpipe with a vibrant bottle resonator on stock catback honestly sounds good enough, i've said this before on other threads, but i sort of regret swapping that resonator and stock CB combo for a non resonated 2.75" exhaust, just doesnt have that beefier sound across all revs, milltek only...
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    Exhaust Ideas

    I have the 2.75" non reso milltek catback paired with APR DP, it is quieter than having the stock catback with vibrant resonator...i prefer the sound of the latter but alas, i disposed of it when i swapped over for the better looking exhaust, still sounds decent enough.
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    Review - Shuenk TSI K03+ Turbo - Dyno

    I know the feel....that rattle off throttle.... bzztzbzzztbzzzzt >_>
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    Review - Shuenk TSI K03+ Turbo - Dyno

    Have you managed to look at your stock turbo to check on this?
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    Review - Shuenk TSI K03+ Turbo - Dyno

    How much would one of these k03 turbo be approximately?
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    Review - Shuenk TSI K03+ Turbo - Dyno

    I am on stage 2 APR tune and have this wastegate decel rattle and it is doing my nut in too, this stage 2+ upgrade would be a nice upgrade if it is cheaper than k04 options (i have also paid off finance on car and had a whole new engine put in 2 years ago) so want this car to last me a good 5+...
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    GTI Wastegate Rattle... Stopped?

    I have the clip installed and it fixed the acceleration rattle throttle rattle when around 2k rpms. Turbo replacement is the only fix for this. Car still runs fine despite the noise but not a nice sound to have in public...
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    looking for some more sound. Catback or DP possibilities

    GolNat linked it just above, if you go for res delete, may as well fit this in place and it will sound good!
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    looking for some more sound. Catback or DP possibilities

    Swap the stock resonator with a vibrant bottle resonator, slight drone and really nice sound, i swapped it for 2.75" milltek non resonated exhaust and i sort of regret it.
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    SOLVED: APR Stage 2 MK6 GTI - VCDS Set Readiness Status Counter Stuck

    Damn, this sounds like a pain indeed! United Kingdom has a car MOT yearly and can pass as long as have at least a cat in the exhast, the people with de-cat will have to pray the testers are de-cat friendly or it will fail.
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    APR Stage II - intake gains?

    On the DV+, do you have the main spring installed? I have the pipercross/Revo foam style intake and i can hear the intake suction on throttle mostly when its cold/night and not much during the day...
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    034 dogbone insert vs *insert brand* silicon insert

    Hi all, I have had the 034M dogbone insert for nearly 2 years now and recently got the revo 3 piece mount kit fitted, but rather putting in the red silicone insert, i kept the 034 piece and at idle and reverse it vibrates the cabin like mad. Was wondering if anyone who has experienced both can...
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    FS: Cobb accessport V3

    Hi all, I had purchased the AP last black Friday and it isn't compatible with the ECU in my car. Waited on Cobb to update but they aren't expecting anything for another 6 months and I have had enough with waiting. Update: 430USD including postage. Postage from UK to USA is approximately...
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    R style fog grills on GTI bumper

    Tried to search online but search terms too per thread title, are there any R style fog grills made that fit the GTI bumper? TiA
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    Powerflex upper engine/transmission mount insert - any good?

    As per title..was looking at getting the 034motorsport mounts for my car but saw these on the awesomegti site. Anyone had any experience with these? It's much cheaper compared to replacement mounts. It's £70 Vs £270 in terms of price. TIA.
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    Stage 2 GTi vs Mazda 3 MPS with custom cobb tune

    I have a rolling road session in the next few weeks and a drag day mid august. I have approximately 280 bhp while he is expecting to be just over 300bhp. I have DSG and a slightly lighter car..he has no lift shift which may even out the playing field. Mods are in my signature, and his mods...
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    IC hose pipe and aftermarket TOP fitment issue

    Hi all, I got a ebay discharge and charge pipe and when i went to fit it...the intercooler hose pipes didnt fit the TOP as the tabs were too i tried filing it down...filed it too much and didn't fit..then i removed the ends off and still didnt fit. Pancake pipe doesnt fit it either...
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    Ecu update to fix broken park assist..lost Apr tune

    Hello all, As per my topic, had my major service and Mot done today and passed with flying colours. Now..with the software update it fixed my broken park assist but wiped my APR tune, going to get it to my tuner over next few days but how likely is it that this update may be too new for APR...
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    eBay S3 Intercooler + other mod advice

    So i've just reached stage 2 with my car and looking at changing my IC. Found this on ebay from china (looks exactly the same as the...
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    Installing 3" DP on stage 1 - Issues?

    Hello all, I made sure to search and read before i make a thread but one simple question. I am looking at an attempt at installing the DP myself and so will not have instant access to stage 2, will need to get that booked in with my tuner which could take a few days as I may need to plan a day...