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  1. ProtoMonkey

    SoCal / SD Tire shop

    .: San Diego area tire shop recommendation :. Hi everyone, I am looking for a recommendation for a good shop in the north county San Diego area to mount my new set of Team Dynamic Racing Pro 1.2s on my GTI. On my last car I went to a mom&pop shop and the shop end up scratching my BBS and my...
  2. ProtoMonkey

    .: My CW GTI :.

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking on this forum and asking questions... Everyone here are very helpful and easy going. I came from a 07 STI to the GTI, I've had the GTI for almost 6 months now and so far I really enjoy the overall experience. Here is my CW GTI, 15% tint and a good wash & wax...
  3. ProtoMonkey

    .: Lug Bolts Question :.

    After searching about lug bolts for aftermarket wheels... I am still a little unsure and trying to find good places to order them online. I am currently looking into getting a set of Team Dynamic Racing Pro 1.2s et45. After chatting with Roastpuff, he suggests the ECS Conical Seat 14x1.5x30mm...