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    Boost drop? Help please!

    So i recently got the updated stage 2 APR tune, and installed the DV+, I just installed a boost gauge and was a little confused. When WOT i peak around 15 psi and drop off to around 10 past about 5.5 or 6k rpm. The car makes a weird noise almost like I'm hitting rumble strips but without the...
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    OEM GTI tail lights Non LED

    Selling my OEM gti tails, 50+shipping. Will deliver if local, PM if interested
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    FS: OEM Mk6 GTI CBFA Stock Downpipe

    Got a catless downpipe and need some cash so I'm selling my stock downpipe for a CBFA engine code on a mk6 GTI, has about 20k miles on it. PM if interested, 75 Local, if not buyer pays shipping.
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    Dogbone mount insert?

    Looking at going stage 2 soon and I was looking at engine mounts and what not and was wondering what everyone thought about the dogbone mount insert? Looking at getting BFI stage 1.. Would anyone recommend this or is ECS or the stage 2 mount better?
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    Thoughts on Neuspeed FMIC

    Looking at getting an intercooler for my GTI, was wondering if anyone was running neuspeed and what your guys thoughts were?
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    Stage 1 2013 GTI vs Stage 1 2013 Focus ST

    Buddy of mine got a Focus ST and thought he was sweet because he had the fastest car in our little group, till I got stage 1 and smoked him. Now he's planning on going Cobb Stage 1 and is determined to beat me... Not sure what kinda gains he's going to get with the Cobb tune, anyone raced a...