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  1. zhijjawi10

    Mid pipe and catback for sale (no downpipe)

    Catback exhaust for sale. Made by rai Motorsport. No downpipe or mid pipe, just the rear section. $250 ****SOLD***
  2. zhijjawi10

    Pulling my motor. Need tips/advice!

    Hey everyone. I'm getting ready to pull the motor out of my GTI and have it rebuilt. Just wondering if there are any special tips or specific advice on what do to. I know sometimes one small thing can save a lot of time and trouble, so if any of you have pulled the motor and ran into any...
  3. zhijjawi10


    Bought a spare motor to get some parts out. Have some parts I'm trying to get rid of now. Oil pan for 2.0TSI And TWO high pressure fuel pumps also for the 2.0TSI. These things are like $410+ at the dealer. Make me an offer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. zhijjawi10

    Eurodyne stage 3 vs Trans Am ws6

    GTI is running a efr-6758 @ 20-21 psi Trans Am has lots of motor work done, and full bolt ons. He has a build video on his YouTube page dhperformance. 45mph rolls, I stayed in 3rd gear each time. Laggg. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. zhijjawi10

    Eurodyne BT mk6 GTI vs Bi-turbo 350z vs modded c63 amg

    Check out this video on YouTube: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have a set of OEM 2.0T LNF Cobalt SS fuel injectors and harness for sale. Brand new, never installed. These injectors work with our 2.0 TSI motor in our GTI's. I spent over $500 on the injectors and harness. Will sell for $350 obo Good for a stage 3+ build (370whp++) Sent from my...
  7. zhijjawi10

    Big Turbo mk6 GTI vs e90 & e92 335i's FBO vs '98 Viper RT/10 TE5vCTNugp4 Mods in video. Another night in Tijuana, Mexico.
  8. zhijjawi10

    Video: BT GTI vs Lou's Stage 2 N54 135i

    These runs aren't that great, but whatever, at least its a video for you guys to watch. This is me vs Lou's 135i with the N54 motor, downpipes, dual cone intakes, half a tank of E85, and JB4 stage 2 tune. :fighting0030: First pull is a 2nd gear roll and I left traction control on :mad0259...
  9. zhijjawi10

    Video: 2010 GTI vs 2008 335i

    Me and my buddy cruised into Mexico the other night. Long ass drive. Had some fun in the highway down there. 2010 GTI with EFR7163 turbo, Eurodyne Boost Manager Plus controlling my boost map, inline bosch 044 lpfp, and meth pump/map. Boost was set at 23.0 psi. 675ml meth nozzle spraying at...
  10. zhijjawi10

    High Pressure Fuel Pump for 2.0TSI

    Hey everyone, I just finished diagnosing a fueling issue and it ended up being my aftermarket low pressure fuel regulator. Before we figured that out, we replaced my HPFP and other things. Turns out my HPFP was fine, but the new one is already installed and I can't return it. So I have for...
  11. zhijjawi10

    Throttle body pipe (with meth bunge) and intercooler pipe

    I have a nuespeed throttle body pipe (charge pipe) with one meth bunge and another hole to screw in a nozzle (which is blocked off at the moment as you can see). Also, I have my RAI "intercooler to charge pipe" pipe for sale. Consists of two aluminum connectors and three silicone pieces, and...
  12. zhijjawi10

    Carbon Fiber Hatch? Does it exist?

    My e brake failed yesterday and my car rolled into a dumpster. Un fucking believable. If anyone knows where to buy a carbon fiber hatch, please chime in. I need to turn this bad situation into a good one.
  13. zhijjawi10

    Eurodyne Stage 3 vs 500whp Blown V8's

    While in mexico... Met up with a group of Terminator Cobra's, They all claimed to be making over 500whp, some said 600whp. First one was obnoxiously loud v1RCMnyuYnQ Next one claimed "about 600whp". (*edit* I think it's closer to 500whp though.)...
  14. zhijjawi10

    F/S: OEM GTI TAIL LIGHTS $175+shipping

    Bought R LED tails, trying to get rid of these stock tails. $175+ shipping
  15. zhijjawi10

    GTI front bumper with Reiger lip

    For sale is my stock front bumper with Reiger lip already installed. Located near Washington, DC. Missing tabs on the left side of the bumper require zip ties to hold it in place. There are scratches on the bumper and lip. Asking $200 plus shipping since it is far from new. Last picture...
  16. zhijjawi10

    Steelcurtain's mk5 GTI vs FBO N54 335i vs C5 Zo6 w/ bolt ons.

    I was hanging with Patrick (Steelcurtain) last night, and got a call from a few friends that were going out for some late night runs in mexico... We figured we'd join them. I rode in Patrick's GTI. This is patrick's APR stage 3+ GTI vs a 335i with the N54 motor, had intakes, downpipes, fmic...
  17. zhijjawi10

    2010 GTI vs 2004 C5 ZO6 *Video*

    Old video I found on my GoPro. This was like 5-6 months ago I think. 3rd gear roll at 55-60mph. We let off around 150-160mph. I shifted out of 5th gear into 6th wayy too early (you can hear it) because I thought we were gonna shut it down... But we kept going, so I kept it to the floor in 6th...
  18. zhijjawi10

    Vibrant exhaust tip cracking!

    Thought I'd share this for the hell of it. One of my exhaust tips has cracked. I'm gonna send both back to RAI. They said Vibrant should warranty them and give me new tips. I've never had this happen before. I guess things are getting hot back there.
  19. zhijjawi10

    Acceleration Video - While Datalogging

    Was out doing some data logging, decided to put up the GoPro in a position to see the speedometer. Watch in 720p! First pull was at 22psi I then turned it up to 23psi for the next two runs. I can change boost on the fly, at 1:17 you will see me hold up my handheld boost controller and turn up...
  20. zhijjawi10

    Two FBO 335i's & BONUS Viper Run!

    Mods are in vid. My GTI was on 22psi, powered by Eurodyne Maestro 7 and Eurodyne Boost Manager Plus. 3rd gear had traction issues pretty much every run, but it eventually hooked. Obviously 2nd has no traction. You can hear when my car spins. Gray 335i got a CEL on the third run and let off...