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    Has anyone tried Falken Azenis RT660 for track?

    You can check out the Nexen nFera SUR4G as well. can sell them to you (located in SoCal)
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    Mk6 GTI OEM CSG front bumper and grill

    Hey all, I'm selling: -OEM Carbon Steel Grey Front bumper with all clips intact, minor damage to front, someone had backed into it during parking, making a small cut with their exhaust pipe. - $100 -OEM mk6 GTI Grill - plastidip black with Green accents - $50 - Carbon Steel Grey mk6 GTI OEM...
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    Mk6 GTI OEM Catback

    Hey all, Need to get rid of this... taking up space...extra oem catback located in SD -$50 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    VOLK Racing TE37SL Black Edition

    I'm selling my rare Forged Volk Racing TE37SL Black Edition wheels. These wheels are 5x112 bolt pattern from RAYS wheels in Japan. 17"x 8.5" ET45 with 225/45/17 Hankook RS3 V2 at ~85% Tread, perfect fitment for the Mk6. Comes with black lug bolts and hubrings. Wheels are 7/10 condition...
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    Mk6 GTI Partout Feeler

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking about picking up a new car and thought I would post up a feeler for my aftermarket parts. Currently all parts are still installed, but will likely be removed within 2 weeks. Let me know if you are interested. All parts local pickup in San Diego CA. Mk6 GTI...
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    FS: 18x8 O.Z. Ultraleggera w/Michelin PSS [San Diego]

    SOLD I'm selling 4 - 18" x 8" ET48 (5x112) wheels from my mk6 GTI that I've had for the past couple years. These wheels are very light (~18lbs), in great condition, with few imperfections. I would rate them a 9/10. Included are the required bolts, O.Z. specific hubrings, and 3 of 4 carbon fiber...
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    Zubin's CSG GTI "Anna"

    It's didn't think I would mod this car even mildly, so now I guess time for a build thread. I've had "Anna" since July 2012; picked it up used w/15k miles on it for my 20th bday. I was super excited, as this was my first more sporty car, coming from an old W140 MB S-Class. I'll update more...
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    Neuspeed Catback Exhaust

    Here are a few videos of my Neuspeed Catback Exhaust. I have embedded them in a few posts and have been requested to record more driving video. I thought it would be helpful to consolidate information about one of the rarer catbacks on this forum. Everyone else who has input please share here...
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    JT64's Car Journey

    I think e63 is a great car for you. Also, the F30 has more usable space compared to the F10s you were looking at. I have a 2011 F10 535i Msport and would not recommend one. Throttle response and steering feel is not ideal, especially compared to my GTI. Other than that car is great, but back...
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    Buttonwillow March 9th

    Anyone going to Buttonwillow on Sunday? If so I'll see ya there! always nice to hang out with some Vdubbers. -Z
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    FS: OEM Mk6 GTI Catback (San Diego)

    Anyone need a stock OEM catback for a MK6 GTI? I have an extra one sitting around, fits a 2DR or 4DR. The tips are in good condition, nothing wrong with it cosmetically, just normal wear for a few years use. ~15k mi on it. I'll post pics soon. Just want to help out a fellow Dubber! Located in...
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    FS: MKV Stock Downpipe (Bay Area)

    Selling for a friend. OEM MKV CCTA GTI (2.0T) Downpipe for sale, ~6k miles. *Should fit on CCTA MKVI GTI as well*. Comes with sleeve clamp. * * $100 firm, Local pickup only in East Bay Area, Walnut Creek
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    Open 3" Downpipe

    I was just curious to see what it would sound like. Well, it sounds like an Formula 1 Weed Whacker. I'm trying to fix a leak at my DP to catted midpipe sleeve and I decided to take off the whole midpipe and turn the car on. It is incredibly loud. Obnoxious. Unnecessary. It was a little wet...
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    FS: 18" Staggered AMG Wheels Mercedes S-Class (SOCAL San Diego)

    ***SOLD*** I am selling my 18" Authentic OEM AMG Alloy Wheels w/Centercaps, they are originally made for the W220 S-Class Chassis w/AMG sport package. I had them on my W140 S-Class and they look amazing! The wheels are in pretty good condition, they have a little bit of curb rash and nicks, but...