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  1. Tony48

    DAP Timing Chain Install Blog

    Anyone see this yet? The most comprehensive guide I've seen for installing timing components on the EA888 Gen 1 & 2 engines. Sure wish this was around when I did my timing system . They also have a good writeup on...
  2. Tony48

    Help Retrofitting Mirror Dip in Reverse

    I attempted to retrofit the Mirror Dip in Reverse feature that is available on Euro MK6's. This is the feature where the right side-view mirror dips down so you can see the curb when the car is put in reverse. To do this I swapped in the passenger-side mirror motor & wiring harness from a...
  3. Tony48

    FS: BNIB Spulen Dog Bone Mount

    SOLD $80/shipped. Paypal only. Spulen Dog Bone Mount brand new in box. Fits all MK5 & MK6 cars. Link to product page.
  4. Tony48

    FS: 034 Billet Dogbone Insert

    SOLD __________________________________ Billet Dogbone Mount insert for sale. Easy way to remove some slop from the drivetrain and stiffen up shifting. Only removed because I upgraded to VWR subframe mounts. $25/shipped to continental US. (link to product on 034 Motorsport website)
  5. Tony48

    Source for Ball Seat Lug NUTS?

    Anyone know of a source for ball seat lug nuts (not bolts) that are not the standard silver/zinc plated color? I have a stud conversion and wheels that require ball seat lugs in OEM thread size/pitch (14x1.5mm). I can't find ball seat lugs in this size in any configuration other than short...
  6. Tony48

    Bumper Shaving Help

    I've got a spare front GTI bumper and decided I'd like to shave the headlight washer caps and side markers. I haven't found a lot of info on how people typically do this on our cars. One of the few thread I've found is this one but it doesn't offer much insight. I'm thinking I'll use SEM...
  7. Tony48

    Anyone try the new ECS shift knobs?

    New ECS Shift knobs, available in a few varieties & color choices at an attractive price point of $120. They look pretty decent and I'll probably give one a shot soon. Anyone try them or have any comments on their design? I like the "boot lock" design. Construction: Billet aluminum...
  8. Tony48

    FS: Stainless Steel Brake Lines (front)

    SOLD For Sale: $40 shipped to the continental US. Payment via PayPal. New, never used pair of USP front stainless steel brake lines. Perfect replacement for stock lines. New from USP these are $57.99 (link). Includes 4 new copper crush washers to complete install. I'll also throw in a...
  9. Tony48

    Rough Idle / Misfires after Timing Chain Replacement

    UPDATE: See comment below. Car is running fine now (12/29). Hello everyone, I've been diagnosing a problem with my GTI all day and haven't had any luck. This is going to be a long post so first some background: A few days ago I did a full timing chain service. It wasn't too bad since I...
  10. Tony48

    K&N Cold Air Intake for GTI MK6

    SOLD! FOR SALE: K&N Typhoon Cold Air Intake System for MK6 GTI $150/shipped to continental US Took it off my car to change things up with a new intake. Comes with all hardware necessary for install. Let me know if you have any other questions. If the buyer would like I can clean and oil...
  11. Tony48

    FS: EBC Yellow Front Pads for 986 Boxster-S & 911

    FS: EBC Yellow Front Pads for NQSBBK 986 Boxster-S EDIT: PRICE DROP TO $75! $100/shipped to the lower 48. Paypal only. For Sale is a set of EBC YellowStuff front pads, part number DP41514R. The pads are BRAND NEW in box. I received them as part of a larger purchase (brake upgrade for...
  12. Tony48


    Anyone here listen to podcasts? I spend a lot of time in the office/driving when I can listen to music or podcasts. The only automotive podcast I currently listen to is "The Smoking Tire" with Matt Farah. It's pretty hit or miss in terms of what I enjoy. I'd like to find a podcast more...
  13. Tony48

    WTB: Catch Can

    Looking for a catch can setup, will consider many brands. Let me know what you have!
  14. Tony48

    WTB: LED Tail Lights

    EDIT: Found a set, thanks! Well, my eBay tail lights bit the dust and I can never go back to the horrendous stock halogens. I'm looking for a set of DARK CHERRY or BLACK CHERRY tails. Reps or OEM. Let me know what you've got. PM is the best way to contact me.
  15. Tony48

    Tony's Black GTI

    Tony's Black GTI--pics galore Firstly, I've thoroughly enjoyed everything I've been able to learn on this forum. It's been a great resource as I work on modifying a car for the first time. I should have started a build thread awhile ago to keep track of everything but oh well. My goals for...
  16. Tony48

    DIY LED City/Parking Lights

    I recently had a city light go out so I decided to upgrade to LED's. I was unhappy with the cost of options that are made specifically for our car (deAutoKey--$45, ZIZa--$50). I decided to try a pair of LED 194 base bulbs and see how they turned out. I purchased these LED bulbs in Cool 6500K...
  17. Tony48

    Low Profile Jackstands?

    I'm lowered on H&R Sport springs and have found standard 3ton jackstands to be a little on the tall side. I have to jack the car up to a height that makes me a bit uneasy to get a stand under the pinch weld or control arm. Anyone know of any low profile jackstands that work well for our cars...
  18. Tony48

    WTB: Boost Gauge/Pod/Tap

    Hey guys, I'm looking to purchase a boost gauge setup. I'd prefer an MK6 specific setup that looks OEM such as AWE, Podi, Concepts in Motion, etc. but will entertain others. I'm trying to get as many pieces together as possible but if you're trying to get rid of just a boost tap I'll take...
  19. Tony48

    Android Compatibility with RNS 315

    Hello all, I'd like to better my in-car media experience. I have an android phone and currently stream all music via bluetooth to the RNS 315. This method means I cannot skip songs via the steering wheel controls. Additionally, no song info is displayed on the HU screen. Song control via...
  20. Tony48

    WTB: VCDS Micro-CAN

    ALREADY PURCHASED, THANKS! Well, I've finally gotten myself deep enough that I need to invest in one :p Let me know if you have one for sale! Thanks, Tony