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  1. Rolling_GTI

    How many miles out of an engine?

    If I'm doing it, I do it 100%. I wouldn't reuse sensors that had been sitting in the junkyard for years, same with any easy to change seals, water pump etc. $2,500 for a clutch is pretty normal for a good one for our cars. My current one is at 140,000 miles, all at K04 and still grabs fine...
  2. Rolling_GTI

    How many miles out of an engine?

    Engine has 284,000 miles, stage 2 since 10,000miles. It needs a full rebuild and likely machine work. Any less and I may as well toss a junkyard motor in as-is. I am torn on keeping her or not. Here's the dilemma... It's $8,500 for a rebuilt engine, figure $2,500 for a new clutch and I'm...
  3. Rolling_GTI

    2012 gti complete part out

    Is the engine ok and availabile?
  4. Rolling_GTI

    SB Stage 3 drop in disc

    Labor is 2/3 the cost. If you are in there. I'd replace it all, and never just one piece. Everyone who did a disc only that I knew, regretted it later.
  5. Rolling_GTI

    How many miles out of an engine?

    Yup I see oil pressure warnings every time I am in first going uphill or downhill now. I feel no difference, but have verified the low pressure. I figure she's dead this summer. Can't complain, got my money's worth out of her.
  6. Rolling_GTI

    How many miles out of an engine?

    Sounds like you are taking your maintenance serious. Turbos are hit and miss, sone die at 100k, others 200k. I'd expect that to go in the next 30k miles. I'm up to 280k miles on original motor, did timing chain and tensioners at 90k, never since. I've starting to see balance shaft issues...
  7. Rolling_GTI

    How many miles out of an engine?

    At 280,000 and totally agree with Grabbit. Although I never removed that screen myself. But oil changes every 5K and good oil goes a LONG way, and carbon cleaning when needed. It's not hard to do
  8. Rolling_GTI

    RNS315 Navigation Updates

    Don't buy the updates. I bought 3, and have not seen any roads added. I swear they only update the POI. Go aftermarket.
  9. Rolling_GTI

    Bad axles?

    "Normal play" is none! Yes it does sound like your axles are worn. They should only be able to be turned slightly, no other movement should be present.
  10. Rolling_GTI

    Refresh kits worth it

    Depends how your car drives. But usually yes they are worth every penny.
  11. Rolling_GTI

    Yo I still love my k04 MK6. Maybe more now than ever.

    I've had a slight leak from my valve cover for the past 180k miles, and have only replaced my water pump once, and that's only cause a fat mechanic leaned on it and broke the pulley off, at 210,000 miles. These pumps going bad often sound like a poor install. I did rip the belt off when I over...
  12. Rolling_GTI

    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    Replaced EVERY part of the steering and suspension minus the rack. Feels like a new car again, even at 275,000 miles. If anyone is thinking of doing this, it cost me around $5,000 in parts, labor would probably be like $2.5k at a shop
  13. Rolling_GTI

    Soo stumped on which stage 2 clutch to go with for my MK6R, looking for insight

    Try Ringer Racing. Uses Sachs pressure plate, feels very stock and I'm on over 120,000 miles on my current one at k04 levels. They last. My first was replaced at 90,000 miles due to the throw out bearing failing, clutch still had half life left.
  14. Rolling_GTI

    Clutch Recommendations

    Just make sure you replace it all while in there. So many early southbend users only did the clutch disc and regretted it soon after. Personally I'd recommend Ringer clutch kits. I've had a 400lbs one in my car since 140k, im at 270k now and been K04 since 200k. Clutch still feels smooth...
  15. Rolling_GTI

    What is a worn out Mk6 GTI worth?

    So I am fairly certain I have the highest mileage MK6 out there at 270,000 miles at the time of this post. So I pose a serious question to you all, as I am unsure the answer. What is a worn out Mk6 GTI worth? In a couple years I will finally be ready to part with my car I bought new. The...
  16. Rolling_GTI

    2 door passenger door stuck closed

    So I've got a replacement latch and am trying to get my passenger door open. I read threads that mention removing the outer handle, but I can't get the key hole cover off at all, there is not even a notch for a screwdriver like the driver's side has. I've also tried hitting unlock while...
  17. Rolling_GTI

    Anyone familiar with purchasing UB brace from overseas?

    It's a copy. Doubt it's made as accurately as real one. The unibrace guy isn't getting rich off these, he makes them in his garage. He's a great dude for our community, please support him and buy the real brace, you won't regret it.
  18. Rolling_GTI

    Has anyone hit 250,000 miles yet??

    So I'm about to roll over a quarter million miles on my mk6 gti. I'm hoping I have the highest mileage mk6 out there currently, and it's still as reliable as day 1. Anyone over 250,000 yet? Or close?
  19. Rolling_GTI

    FS: MK6 Golf front lower grille,. Cheap!

  20. Rolling_GTI

    ISO Plaid front passenger seat

    I am in search of either an entire passenger seat or just the plaid cover for it. Would prefer a 2 door seat, but can make a 4 door work. I am not feeling out, I have money in hand.