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  1. damagi123

    Yo I still love my k04 MK6. Maybe more now than ever.

    Yo I havent posted in like 3 years but my shits still fun as hell. Im still rippin it like everyday's a track day. I should rename it Theodore Roosevelt, sickly and weak when it was young.. But strong and loud and fuckin beefy as it ages... Its a summer-only toy now. 118k on the clock. No...
  2. damagi123

    Are there other bushings i could use on 27mm APR sways?

    Anyone know if theres other brackets and bushings i could use on 27mm APR sways? APR/HOTCHKISS same thing. ECS used to have a 27mm kit and theyre discontinued They dont sell a rebuild kit for this that includes brackets and the one i have are all corroded and id like to see if theres a rubber...
  3. damagi123

    STARTUP RATTLE - Havent seen many recent posts about it

    I have startup rattle like every few times i start my car. Im at 90k. 2 different dealers confirm that i have the updated tensioner and that they dont see any reason to do a chain or tensioner right now the markings are in the green. Anyone else? Did you change your chain and tensioner and...
  4. damagi123

    GTI swaybar bracket bolts???

    Stripped one of the bolts that holds the rear swaybar bracket to the subframe. Have called multiple dealers and nobody seems to be able to ID the bolt I need. Anyone know?
  5. damagi123

    NEW GUYS! If you get an unexpected CEL turn it off and check those codes immediately

    I know its probably in the FAQ and the official timing chain thread but I feel like newer member dont seem to get the memo on this and that sucks because it'll cost you 5k or more to not know. If you get an unexpected CEL on startup turn it off IMMEDIATELY and check the codes. DO NOT TRY TO...
  6. damagi123

    WTB stock MAP sensor

    looking for stock MAP sensor that works normally please
  7. damagi123

    wtb boost gauge (preferably digital)

    I have a boost tap ready to go. Looking for a digital boost gauge (or analog if there are any that can tell me what I peaked at without having to watch it) Thanks much
  8. damagi123

    Apr dudes. Do I need a stock MAP to pass inspection

    I went APR ko4 with the 3bar MAP sensor and sold my stock map because why wouldn't I but then I realized I might need the stock one to pass inspection cause it throws a MAP sensor code in stock mode. Should I buy another stock one off somebody or is there a workaround?
  9. damagi123

    Finally went K04

    Finally got it installed along with a dsg tune and a unitronic intercooler. Pretty pumped. Having fun. And man with the turbo muffler taken out it sounds pretty damn aggressive when you get on it huh? Only concern now is the top and charge pipe connections are still the oem snap fit with...
  10. damagi123

    How the heck can I get the centercaps off my Enkei Fujins?

    I got a set of black Enkei Fujins off tirerack and theyre supposed to have black centercaps but they put silver centercaps on them that look terrible but I already threw em on the car before realizing how cheap and ricey it makes em look Is there a way to get those centercaps off without taking...
  11. damagi123

    at 38psi my tires always wear the center out faster

    Just wondering if others see the same thing. I keep my tires at the recommended 38psi and im on my 4th set that are wearing noticeably faster in the center than the sides meaning theyre a little over inflated. Same results? Anyone running much less with no significant drawback? I just bought...
  12. damagi123

    Anyone near Buffalo want the job to install a k04 and IC?

    Im near Buffalo NY Ive called around and none of the performance shops have any interest in doing a k04 and IC install. Not sure why but Id like to get em in as soon as possible Any takers?
  13. damagi123

    lol I found a new way to throttle body adapt without VCDS

    Theres 100 ways people have said and none of them work. Ive tried em all. If you have a DP and youre getting RICH or LEAN codes and surging or pulling timing from A/F issues, try this. Take your spacers off and flash back to stock and let it CEL Then just flash back to Stg2 and clear the codes...
  14. damagi123

    anyone in Western NY w vagcom mind helping for a sec?

    DELETE delete
  15. damagi123

    Buffalo people. who was messing with that mustang

    hey buffalo members who in the gti was messing with that v6 mustang in the UB exit off the 990 the other day? you jumped ahead of him so you could take the exit fast but he took it personally and started getting real aggressive and driving on the shoulder like he was gonna pass you but then i...
  16. damagi123

    k04 on CBFA engine. New bung needed?

    I must not be using the right words to search cause i can usually figure this shit out for myself Going k04 finally after almost 5 years with the car! fuckin sweet Im CBFA tho and I know the k04 doesnt have a bung for that 1st o2 sensor. Where does it go? I have a UR Downpipe for CBFA...
  17. damagi123

    WTB used intercooler!

  18. damagi123

    If you're in Buffalo....

    ... and a grey GTI is near you and the dude inside sees you and immediately starts dancing... its me
  19. damagi123

    GTI doesn't go straight down the road very well.

    Im at about 64k Miles. Recently aligned and I dont have any suspension mods except Hitchkiss 27mm Sways front and back and a Whiteline anti lift kit (rear lower control arm bushings and housing). My car handles really well in turns but I have to put so much goddamn effort into keeping it...
  20. damagi123

    Do I hold em or fold em? Car has had almost all the problems possible

    Decided to make a new thread about my wonderful 2012 GTI. So in 56k miles Ive had to replace the ECU, HPFP(or LPFP cant remember), Intake Manifold, 2 Water pumps, Fuel Injectors, PCV, chewed wiring, Horn and Stereo. Havent even driven it in over 4 weeks. 6 total weeks without it just this...