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    bike holder roof attachment and jetta roof racks

    I'm selling Jetta roof racks for a friend, he doesn't use them and he's not a forum member. The racks won't fit a GTI but if your other car is a Jetta, hey hey. Also have the bike attachments that will fit on a just about any VW with OEM roof racks: OEM MK6/7 Jetta roof racks pn: 5C6071126 (...
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    Overhead console electronics malfunctioning

    Squad, my overhead console, since the day I got it has been malfunctioning. I haven't opened it up to see exactly what's wrong, previous owner tried I guess because the headliner isn't stuck on.The passenger side light never turns off and turning on the driver one on sometimes makes the rear...
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    Intake manifold parts swap / replacement questions

    So I got the engine code everyone has reported that gets you a free intake replacement via the dealership. Only thing is I am past 120k miles, aka out of that extra warranty. Plus I don't trust my closest dealer, bad experiences. I have the old manifold off and am switching out the parts. This...
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    Intake Manifold Reinstall, car won't start

    Hi everybody, I just did a long list of tasks on my car, the big one being intake carbon cleaning. I took the intake manifold off, one injector came out, I put on the new seal with the specialty tool, inserted it into the engine and then buttoned everything up. Fuel pump primes when opening the...