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  1. Rolling_GTI

    What is a worn out Mk6 GTI worth?

    So I am fairly certain I have the highest mileage MK6 out there at 270,000 miles at the time of this post. So I pose a serious question to you all, as I am unsure the answer. What is a worn out Mk6 GTI worth? In a couple years I will finally be ready to part with my car I bought new. The...
  2. Rolling_GTI

    2 door passenger door stuck closed

    So I've got a replacement latch and am trying to get my passenger door open. I read threads that mention removing the outer handle, but I can't get the key hole cover off at all, there is not even a notch for a screwdriver like the driver's side has. I've also tried hitting unlock while...
  3. Rolling_GTI

    Has anyone hit 250,000 miles yet??

    So I'm about to roll over a quarter million miles on my mk6 gti. I'm hoping I have the highest mileage mk6 out there currently, and it's still as reliable as day 1. Anyone over 250,000 yet? Or close?
  4. Rolling_GTI

    FS: MK6 Golf front lower grille,. Cheap!

  5. Rolling_GTI

    ISO Plaid front passenger seat

    I am in search of either an entire passenger seat or just the plaid cover for it. Would prefer a 2 door seat, but can make a 4 door work. I am not feeling out, I have money in hand.
  6. Rolling_GTI

    WTB: GHL Catback exhaust

    Searching for a GHL Catback. I don't care where it is. PM me if you have one or know where one can be had still.
  7. Rolling_GTI

    TOP green seal P/N

    Does anyone have the part number for the TOP green seals? My ETKA is on a computer in storage, so I can't look it up myself. Dealership tried to find them and sold me seals that were too large to fit.
  8. Rolling_GTI

    CM FX350 long term review

    There are a lot of discussions about clutches on this forum. I just hit 80K miles on my FX350 and had the slave cylinder fail. Wanted to share with all how this has held up and wear to the clutch in this timeframe. My awesome shop (Further Performance in Minneapolis) just pulled my tranny...
  9. Rolling_GTI

    any Tulsa owners out there?

    Might be moving to Tulsa, OK. Going to be there next week to check out the town. Wondering if there are any other MK6 owners there. I'd love to meet some of you next Friday or Saturday, I'll buy the first round.
  10. Rolling_GTI

    shops in Michigan?

    Anyone know of a decent performance shop in the Detroit or Ann Arbor area? Stuck here for a month, and need some work done.
  11. Rolling_GTI

    shops in Jackson, MS?

    Anyone know of a good shop in or near Jackson, MS? I hit a racoon tonight and am 1,100 miles from home. Got back to my hotel and i noticed I am leaking coolant at a slow drip from the front passenger side. I can't tell if its the radiator or what it is due to my skid plate. I plan on...
  12. Rolling_GTI

    in search of a MN mk6

    Like the title says. I found a picture(below) of a MN plated MK6 golf. I was wondering if it is anyone on here's car. I wanted to ask them for more pics of their wheels. I LOVE what they did to their detroits, unique and look great.
  13. Rolling_GTI

    Rear slide pin help needed

    Well I did my rear brakes today. Replaced pads, rotors, all bolts & slide pins. I didn't notice till I had both sides off that the slide pins are different for top & bottom. They look like this I put the pin on the left as my lower on both sides for now. Nothing feels odd, but I figure if I...
  14. Rolling_GTI

    Serpetine/Accessory belt

    I have searched and found a couple threads where people have asked about how to get the tension off this belt in order to change it. Everytime I hear that it is simple to do form above the car. Maybe I am blind, but I just don't see what I need to pull on to remove the tension. Anyone help...
  15. Rolling_GTI

    interest in group valve cleaning in MN/WI?

    Hello all. I am planning on renting a dry ice blasting machine sometime this spring/summer to clean my intake valves. I was wondering if anyone else in the area had any interest in getting this done. We could split up some of the rental costs and get it done on the cheap. I work in the dry...
  16. Rolling_GTI

    93 octane fuel map?

    Hey guys, I live near Owatonna, MN. And HyVee near me is about the only place I can find 93 octane without driving 30 minutes or more. I would like to build a database/map of stations we can still get 93oct in MN. I've looked all around online and cannot find any lists of 93 octane except...
  17. Rolling_GTI

    Wiring/Pin-out for TSC button anyone?

    I did a few searches but came up empty handed. I am trying to repurpose a second button I have for something else. Anyone by chance have the pin-out or wiring diagram?
  18. Rolling_GTI

    RNS-315 Asking for update CD?

    I was driving along some backroads in a part of the country I am not familiar with yesterday when out of nowhere my RNS-315 ejects the CD inside and the display says I need to insert the upgrade CD. It would not respond to any buttons, or turn off. Even turning off the car did not remove...
  19. Rolling_GTI

    APR Stage 2 tune w/OEM DP

    I got what I thought was a stage 1 APR tune on Friday. The shop messed up and gave me a stage 2+ with testpipe file. It doesn't seem to have any holes in the power range or anything bad. Should I be overlly concerned with getting the stage 1 file on there to replace this soon? OEM DP, stock...
  20. Rolling_GTI

    Furhter Performance in Minneapolis, MN

    I went to these guys for my APR stage I flash. Professional, super careful with your car! I was impressed all around with these guys and their knowledge of our cars. They stock a good amount of parts on hand, and are helpful if you get yourself in a jam. I really can't say enough good about...