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  1. Danny Boy1

    FS: OEM Roof Rack

    Used once for kewl looks. Was supposed to mount my bike on top but ended up just using the hatch space. email me for pics, we all know what they look like Pick up only in so cal Email me dace64@gmail $250 Edit: fat fingers miss-priced
  2. Danny Boy1

    WTB: Dynauido amp

    The one in my car has bad channel I think? According to a friend Please and thank you
  3. Danny Boy1

    FS: Koni Coilovers

  4. Danny Boy1


    had some crazy annoying noise with my front passenger coilover. it was like a mix of coil bind and a clunk when just normally driving over flat roads. I went online and filled out the form they supplied. faxed over required stuff and within that week got an email saying they're shipping me a...
  5. Danny Boy1

    Port Forwarding on a Xbox

    anyone have experience doing this? I can access the page on my netgear router its just that every online article says different port numbers :iono:
  6. Danny Boy1

    2013 Genesis coupe styling is ok. I like the motors. never seen an interior in person, but I will definitely test drive one. I think VW has to put more power in the next GTI...
  7. Danny Boy1

    How has your vinyl roof held up

    Got mine done 2nd day of ownership in june 2010 and its looking beat up. I dont park under trees, or at least its not a habit, but i have a bunch of dots stuck on it and the "gloss" is sorta gone. anyone clay their roof? I usually put 303 on it every other month or so, but i guess it hasnt...
  8. Danny Boy1

    FS: ~~ST Coilovers~~

    keeping them
  9. Danny Boy1

    FS: ST Coilovers

    close thread close thread
  10. Danny Boy1

    Fender rolling in SoCal

    Any recommendations to someone that rolls fenders in LA/OC?
  11. Danny Boy1

    FS: VMR V701

  12. Danny Boy1

    Koni coilover settings

    Ordered a set of Koni coilovers yesterday so they should be coming in a couple of days. Where did you set your stiff/soft setting at? I'm thinking of leaving it how they come from factory, which i think is all the way soft. any suggestions? P.S- Im selling my ST coils before or after they get...
  13. Danny Boy1

    Feeler FS: 18" Detroits with tires

    3 wheels with no curb damage. 1 with 1-2" light curbing (don't let someone park your car) tires are toyo proxes 4 purchased I believe 2 months ago (ill double check) with around 2k miles. $1,200 or best reasonable offer
  14. Danny Boy1

    FS: Eibach Pro-kit

  15. Danny Boy1

    Eibach Pro kit

    I've had the Eibach springs on for a few months now but finally installed the Eibach shocks in a couple of weeks ago at ABD racing. this is the order of shocks i have had on my car; used Koni Yellows-Stock-Eibach. the konis were terrible, i dont know if it was because they were used or if its...
  16. Danny Boy1


    kinda bored of the EVO. ill sell it either as is or i can file a claim for a new refurb. anyone interested? as for price, um...i dont know what they go for. $300?
  17. Danny Boy1

    Revo end of year sale

    is anyone getting the Revo tune at the sale price?
  18. Danny Boy1

    LED tails

    after a month of waiting i finally got everything in. i was worried i wouldn't like the cherry red tails, i thought they might be too bright. but they turned out exactly how i wanted them. im really happy with my choice :happyanim: now can someone with vag help me? p.s shes dirty
  19. Danny Boy1

    Tips darker than Wesley Snipes

    are now clean thanks to Eagle One Never-Dull FTW!!!