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  1. torga

    Curious issue with Osram headlights -- any electrical gurus?

    Unfortunately, my third-hand set of Osrams are immediately giving me issues. And it's a strange issue. I'm dead set on fixing these, because I think these headlights are worth the trouble. When the car is running and the headlights are not on, the DRL lights work flawlessly. From the manual, it...
  2. torga

    FS: Neuspeed Intercooler Delete brackets

    The kit is brand new, never installed. They're $190 new. Shipping to most anywhere in the states is about $15, show how about $160 shipped? OBO
  3. torga

    WTB: LCA rear brackets

    I'm wanting to buy a set of rear brackets for the LCA. I don't care what condition they're in, as long as they aren't damaged. I only want them for the aluminum part - I'll be pulling the bushing anyway. These are P/N 1K0199231J and 1K0199232J. I'm thinking maybe someone installed a set of...
  4. torga

    WTB: OEM dual mass flywheel, low miles

    As title says, I've decided to go with an RSR clutch and I can hear that my DMFW with 124k miles is on its way out. Hoping to find a gently used one before I buy a new DMFW. Not in a big hurry to buy, but I'll be ready with payment whenever a good DMFW shows up.
  5. torga

    Another Oil Leak Thread, or: There Are Many Like It, But This One Is Mine.

    So I have a slow oil leak that I've only been semi-successful in tracing. It seems to be coming from somewhere in the front of the engine, as I see some oil hanging on the bottom of the A/C compressor as it comes down, as well as a section right above it. I don't think it could be the upper...
  6. torga

    Sunroof Shade "Handle" P/N?

    Hey all, So yesterday, the "handle" part of my sunroof shade just ripped off while I was closing it. So either I hulked it off (doubtful), or the shop who did my headliner last year broke it when they removed it and their "fix" valiantly lasted this long. Every single one of the tabs on the...
  7. torga

    WTB: US Millworks Tow Hook Frame & Rennline exact fit phone mount

    I'm in no rush and I may end up just buying these new. Just wanted to ping you all and see if anyone's just got one of these laying around, taking up space. In some time I will be moving to a two-plate state, so I'll need a clean mounting solution.
  8. torga

    FS: ECS Adjustable Front-To-Back Short Shift Kit

    I just pulled this off my car. It comes with everything shown in this link, minus the 10mm pin. To my understanding, the 10mm pin is for fitment on other cars - this will fit on all MkV, MkVI, and MkVII Golfs with the 8.5mm pin included here. Here are a few images of the included hardware. Not...
  9. torga

    torga's Daily Build - black, 6mt, two-door shenanigans

    This first comment will be a continuously updated mod list for cataloging purposes. Recent Photo, as of Oct, 2021. Engine TUNE: GIAC Stage 2 APR cast downpipe APR catback exhaust APR ignition coils ARM Motorsports front mount intercooler BFI Stage 1 engine/trans mounts ECS catch can Fluidampr...
  10. torga

    Odd Electrical Issue with power windows

    So last night I swapped out my alternator. After I got in the car, I realized that the master power window switch isn't working correctly. The "second stage" of the switch that's supposed to have them roll up/down automatically is simply doing the same thing as the first stage of the switch...
  11. torga

    WTB: Neuspeed Air Charge Pipe

    I'm looking to buy a charge pipe that someone may have laying around collecting dust, or getting ready to part out. The Neuspeed P/N is 48.02.68.
  12. torga

    PC Building

    Anyone here build their own PCs? These cars can't be your only expensive hobby :laugh: I just bought some RAM (Newegg has a 10% off DDR4 sale at the moment) and I got curious if anyone on here has built their own PC.
  13. torga

    Is my alternator kaput?

    Last night, I got a battery warning light on my cluster. I was on the road, so I stopped to run my errand, then got back in the car and paired my OBDeleven. Battery read 12.5V with the engine off. I turned the engine back on and let the light come back on, and the battery read 11.8V. So at...
  14. torga

    PCV Replacement causes other issues, any truth to this?

    I found this claim on Reddit and want to know if there's any truth to this at all. I've never heard of something like this. "If you replace that (PCV) you need to replace the upper timing cover gasket as well as the turbo cut-off valve because the way those motors are designed if you replace...
  15. torga

    Whining in 5th Gear?

    I'm getting a pretty noticeable whining coming from 5th gear, at most any velocity. It's more noticeable at lower speeds (35-45mph), but that's probably just because of the road/air noise of higher speeds. Could this be some kind of bearing? No whining in any other gears. Though, every now and...
  16. torga

    VW Front Emblem cross-reference

    Does anyone know if the Golf/GTI front emblem is unique? Or is the same part used across the line to some extent? OEM GTI emblems are somewhat expensive, whereas OEM emblems for other models (Jetta, for example) are almost 50% of the price. Leading me to believe/hope that the high cost of the...
  17. torga

    RCD330 Android Auto true wireless pairing

    Is there any way to truly wirelessly pair an Android phone with this HU (i.e. Android Auto without plugging into USB). I've been poking around for a couple of days, but I can't seem to find any definitive information on this.
  18. torga

    Sudden Oil/Coolant Mix Spray

    Quick backstory: I bought this 2011 GTI two weeks ago - it has 115,800mi as of now. Payed for a PPI and the previous owner fixed all issues (including a warrantied intake manifold (IM) replacement) before I bought it. IM was replaced exactly three weeks ago. Fast forward to last Monday (19th)...
  19. torga

    Metallic air vent trim - where to find?

    Hey all, I'm wondering if these small, metallic decorative trim pieces for the air vent flaps are available for purchase somewhere. For some reason, my driver and passenger side vents are missing them, but both center vents have them. I tried browsing around the junkyard today, but the newest...
  20. torga

    WTT: My red alcantera BFI GS2 heavyweight shift knob for your black alcantera or leat

    I've got a red alcantera BFI GS2 knob in good condition. I'd rather not buy an entirely new knob for $160 when the knob itself is fine and I just want a different trim for the upholstered portion. I called BFI to inquire if they sell the trim alone, but they're aren't doing that at this time...