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    Anyone ever replace an oil filter housing assembly on a 2.0T?

    Snagged a pic from ebay below for reference. Mines had a very slow coolant leak @ the block for like 5 years and now that I have the intake manifold off again for carbon cleaning and injectors im thinking maybe I should try to tackle this job. Mainly just that gasket needs to be replaced most...
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    Tiny plastic rods jammed inside EA888 Fuel Injector?

    Today I was replacing the #3 fuel injector as it got stuck open and failed. After I pulled the #1 injector off the manifold since it stayed in I noticed a tiny ~1cm length black plastic rod wedged in the injector fuel inlet opening sticking out. I pulled it out of the injector. If I look inside...
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    FS: Twin Intercooler kit with Forge Coupler Adapters

    Linking to my post on MKV, not sure what needs to be done exactly to install this on a MK6, theres a few topics about people using this on their MK6s here ( I read the holes dont come predrilled on the mk6 front support and you may need to drill it yourself and get some screws?)...
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    Has anyone replaced their subframe mount without a press?

    The one for the dogbone. Mine is totally shot and i'm getting terrible clunking sound on accel and decel. I ordered a new upper and lower for it. Has anyone had any success getting these in without a press?
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    Has anyone replaced only the N215/N216 valve in their DSG mechatronic unit?

    My car started acting up recently getting p1815 codes short to B+ N215. Basically if you start to drive in 1st gear for a while it will slip into a false neutral until you restart or put into neutral and back to D. It seems to be temp dependent too if it will act up more often and if you can...
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    Failed Fuel Injector

    The 2.0TSI is kicking my ass lately. After doing a lengthy rear main seal and flywheel job a couple weeks later I was driving down the road when suddenly my CEL started flashing and EPC light came on and I noticed smoke coming out my exhaust and car had little power. I was able to put back home...
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    Rear main seal replacement on Jackstands!

    So a couple weeks ago my 20-30k old PCV failed and took my rear main seal. Started doing research and decided to tackle this job myself in my smallish garage on jack stands. There is practically zero info on doing this job on a 2.0TSI online, but I had Elsawin and was able to use some TDI DSG...
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    2 year old R8 coilpack failed

    Went to start my car this morning and noticed a strange rough idle. Noticed it smelled like fuel a bit and then I noticed massive plumes of white smoke billowing out the exhaust that smelled strongly of fuel then a CEL and EPC light. I shut off the car and plugged in OBDEleven and pulled a P0301...
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    A reason to consider timing chain replacement also, if you want to update tensioner

    I finally got around to taking the plunge on DIYing a timing chain replacement on my 112k mile 09 MK5 2.0TSI (I come here because there's much more TSI info and discussion to be had). 2 years ago I paid someone to swap the tensioner for me but did nothing else, this bought me some time, but for...
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    I noticed my intake manifold is missing the support bracket

    Was going to remove my manifold and noticed it was missing, guess the dealer never put it back on from the previous owners service work. Anyone run their intake manifold without this thing? Should I get a used one?
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    Is there an "acceptable" amount of misfires?

    I was messing with obdeleven today and decided to check out the misfire counter measuring blocks because I never had before. Was surprised to see I would occasionally get random misfires in all the cylinders when accelerating normally from a stop. WOT and high speeds there was no misfires. It...
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    Tiny idle surging only when car has been fully warmed in P or N?

    Recent phenomena with my car. My 09 TSI dsg will start surging idle from 750-850rpm as soon as it hits 190F on the temp gauge, anything before and its totally fine, and when in any drive gear it will have no surging. Zero codes relating to it, ive tried checking everything, new PCV, smoke test...
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    Anyone ever get a 1-2 second rattle at startup WITH the updated tensioner?

    Ive had this happen about 3-4 times in the past 4k miles after updating my tensioner. Usually its after the car has been driven and warmed up, I go to start it again and it will do this. Possible my chain was slightly stretched before and its hitting the guides? I understand theres oil pressure...
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    Black Beat Motor Intake for 2.0TSI

    $100 shipped in US. Used only for a few months. Filter is washable reusable. 3" diameter piping. Thanks