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  1. Injen1us

    Headgasket failure after 100k miles of K04

    Been a while since I have posted here but I thought this topic was quite relevant. I know many of us have been daily-ing K04 for years. I got mine installed in Germany (US car CCTA engine) in 2014. Since then I have driven just about 100k miles in all manner of driving; track, highway, city...
  2. Injen1us

    ButtonWillow 15May?

    Anyone going to ButtonWillow on Sunday 15May?
  3. Injen1us

    What K04 looks like in a 2800lb car

    This is on 91oct with no meth
  4. Injen1us

    anyone on here delete their windshield fluid reservoir?

    Title says it... it ruins the aero from my fog light delete
  5. Injen1us

    When intercoolers are TOO efficient.

    I wanted to post this because the intercooler conversation gets brought up alot. Now i know this is not exactly VW related but most of us either run upgraded intercoolers or plan...
  6. Injen1us

    Port and Polished IHI turbo (SoCal porting)

    Port and Polished IHI (stock) turbo (SoCal porting) SOLD!!!! SoCal P&P is right down the street. Hyde16 used them a while ago on his K04. They did great work for him (
  7. Injen1us

    FS: APR K04 turbo, APR Downpipe (Socal)

    Items are no longer for sale. Mods please delete
  8. Injen1us

    WTB/WTT: for a stock CCTA downpipe

    Going back to an IHI turbo setup with the stock exhaust. I am willing to trade my APR downpipe if youre wanting to upgrade. located in SoCal
  9. Injen1us

    Feeler: Radical Ed K04 MK6 GTI (6mt); $16,500

    No longer for sale. Please delete
  10. Injen1us

    Jamming with Edward (k04 MK6 vs the world)

    Montage of my girl kicking ass over the past 3-4 years. My video editing skills are still novice but i hope you enjoy hXu9jPIDBIA Edit: This is also my 1500th post :) Edit (lilfleck): embedded video ;)
  11. Injen1us

    K04 GTI vs Stock C6 Vette

    My GTI is running the 91oct map so 315ish whp these days. Short pull as we ran outta real estate.
  12. Injen1us

    WTB: Stock intake CCTA engine

    I know a bunch of you have this laying around and I have $50 bucks. :)
  13. Injen1us

    Wuste Vegas?

    Anyone going? I got my res at the palace station for 3-5th. If anyone wants to caravan I can meet them up that Friday evening in the Barstow area
  14. Injen1us

    F23 VS K04

    So im putting my neck on the chopping block here. Anyone with an F23 on here want to do a couple friendly pulls? Im really curious how a good f23 build compares to my k04 build. In the SoCal area
  15. Injen1us

    Dr Paint Chip

    Just tried it out on my GTI... check it out:
  16. Injen1us

    Removing fog light shrouds

    Got the SRS Tech Fog light delete and im ready to install these puppies. Ive done some searching and cannot find a good DIY on how the OEM shrouds comes off. Does the bumper have to come off or can I simply pull off the shrouds once I have the location of the tabs? Thanks in advance for the help
  17. Injen1us

    No SOWO 2016?

    Havent seen this posted anywhere on this forum. Thoughts?
  18. Injen1us

    Golf 500R @ Wörthersee

    Heard this thing start up today in Austria. It sounds AMAZE-BALLZ
  19. Injen1us

    Anyone here on

    If so we should be friends!
  20. Injen1us

    K04 GTI vs Stage 1 09 STI

    My buddy has a beautiful STI. Axleback, some boltons and a tune. Race was from about 50mph we i left off around 125mph or so. I had one passenger and he had two. Total length is hard to tell. around 3 or so. Fun ride