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  1. flight1us

    ISO CCTA oem Downpipe

    Hey looking for a CCTA OEM Downpipe please let me know.
  2. flight1us

    Sunroof issues

    I've seen the few threads from 8 - 10 years ago but has anyone recently had issues with their sunroof not wanting to close. I know about the pinch sensor but not sure where it is located, is it something that can be accessed with the headliner removed any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. flight1us

    LTB fenders and front bumper...

    its been a while since i've been on here with a question but any suggestions on where i can get a front bumper and fenders? please and thanks
  4. flight1us

    Reattaching Mk6 GTi Mirror

    Not sure if anyone else has experienced this but just looking for suggestions on what can be used to reattach the Rear View Mirror base to my windshield. I have heard the Permatex branded glues dont work.
  5. flight1us

    ISO MK6 Gti Front bumper

    Morning Community, keeping it short looking to find a Mk6 GTI front bumber with or without the accessories primered preferred thanks.
  6. flight1us

    Installing Amp and Subwoofer

    Very new to this just wanted to know if anyone has had luck with one of those "Add an amp kits" with our cars
  7. flight1us

    ABS Wheel Speed Sensor

    Anyone have luck with replacing ABS Wheel Speeds Sensor with something aside from OEM. I.E one of the OE manufacturers like Febi, Hella, and the like. thanks in advanced for any input
  8. flight1us

    water leak

    anyone experience mysterious water leaks in the front passenger footwell, trying to trace common locations where it can occur any help is appreciated.
  9. flight1us

    CV Axles

    Besides O.E.M anyone have any good luck longevity and overal engineering wise with O.E Axles like F.A.G etc.
  10. flight1us

    WTB 2.5l 5 speed

    as the title states looking for the KPF 5 speed tranny for a rabbit. thanks in advance
  11. flight1us

    Hit a metal floor cover

    as the title suggests yes i hit one of those metal floor covers they place when doing construction, question i have is what kind of damage should one expect aside from the obvious cracked oil pan.
  12. flight1us

    Weird knock noise when moving slowly

    First and foremost hope all are staying safe and well, has anyone experienced getting road debris stuck in weird places under their GTi, recently ran over what looks to be the aftermath of a collision on the highway( had to pull to the side due to an ambulance passing) and i believe i may...
  13. flight1us

    Odin by USPmotorsport and APR

    not able to able to pass emissions inspection due to stage 2 disabling 02 readiness anyone know if this ODin by USPmotorsport x APR worth the money ? just gonna wanna flash to stock and go eurodyne later
  14. flight1us

    ISO PCV block off plate

    aka Africa Plate i.e 034, Peformance by IE, BFI or catch can kit
  15. flight1us

    cleaning engine bay

    hey guys im sure its been asked a million times .... but any tips on washing engine bay these cars are really sensitive electronically so any help is greatly appreciated.
  16. flight1us

    suggestions for factory head unit

    i would like to find a plug n play ish wiring harness that would allow me to add a Amplifier and Subwoofer
  17. flight1us

    Screech sound when A/C running

    As title states i've noticed a screech sound occuring while my A/C is running its mainly noticeable when revving the car or moving from a stand still. just curious if anyone else has experienced this
  18. flight1us

    Catch Can setup

    Anyone selling their catch can setup i.e africa plate and lines
  19. flight1us


    looking for a turbo outlet pipe
  20. flight1us

    Verocious Motorsports

    Shout outs to this business based out of Delaware, Great customer service and they pretty much carry anything you need to supply any project need from Heat management to SS, Aluminum piping for fab projects.