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  1. icy604

    P0420 after K04

    I installed my HPA K04 a couple of days ago (June 11th) and I am patiently waiting to get it tuned tomorrow morning (June 14th). And note I've been driving the car like a granny on the stock map since I did the install. I was driving home from work today and my check engine light paid me a...
  2. icy604

    K04 Discussion

    I've been considering upgrading to a K04 setup for a while now. My relevant engine/drivetrain mods are currently an apr catted downpipe, intake and an upgraded clutch/ flywheel. After lots of researchI decided on the following: - HPA K04 (they are local to me so I can pick the turbo up myself...
  3. icy604

    Issues with mirror heating

    I've got an issue with my driver's side mirror heater not working. I periodically have the fault code 00943 'Heated exterior mirror driver side (Z4): electrical fault in circuit'. I removed the glass from the mirror cap/housing to inspect the connections and one connection appears to be...
  4. icy604

    Timing Chain Tensioner Failure

    I'll start this off by giving a brief description of my car and it's condition... Disclaimer: I am fully aware of the issue with the timing chain tensioner and it's indiscriminate, sporadic failure on any EA888 gen 1 motor. I drive a 2011 GTI 6MT with 128,000 kms on it. I've got APR Software...
  5. icy604

    Fuelling issue?

    I must again call upon the mystical knowledge of the forums... Important info: live in Vancouver, Canada (Canadian Gas) 115k kms on odometer Fuel filter changed at 100k kms NGK BKR7EIX plugs at 100k kms New Injectors and carbon cleaning at 110k kms Always ran on Chevron 94 octane APR Downpipe...
  6. icy604

    Timing chain tensioner failure?

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of diagnosing my currently broken mk6. Ill give you guys the back story. Any help or insight would be wonderful. So here goes... I was driving my car the other day and felt a very strong hesitation when I went to accelerate at normal city driving speeds. I...
  7. icy604

    Long crank/ no start issue

    I've had this issue since I've gotten my car just over a year ago now. Its a 2011 GTI. This issue happens intermittently and its hard to predict when it may happen. The most recent time was this morning... I took my car to get the windshield replaced (10 minute drive) with no issues. I return to...
  8. icy604

    Paint peeling on inside of front fender liner

    I've noticed the paint has started peeking off on the inside of my front driver's side fender right where it tucks into the wheel arch. It is only on the drivers side. Any help would be great :) My wheel alignment is good, and my car isn't totally bagged. It's on H&R coilovers.
  9. icy604

    Ignition harness issue

    I've got a small problem with my ignition harness and I'm wondering if anyone can weigh in on it. The clips on these things are so flimsy and one of them has broken off and another appears to be melting. I am wondering if I should replace the whole harness or just go the ziptie route and look...
  10. icy604

    Stage 1 w/ cold air intake

    Please pardon my ignorance, but I am currently a running a stage 1 setup on my 2011 gti with an AEM drop in filter, I am considering getting a cold air intake (probably neuspeed p flo). My question is whether or not I will need to get a re-flash to accommodate for the CAI or will the CAI not...
  11. icy604

    2011 GTI creaking noise

    I have a 2011 GTI and recently I have been noticing a creaking/popping noise at low speeds ~0-30 km/h and while stationary. The noise seems to be coming from the front right area of my car predominantly when making right turns. A few things to note... it has gotten considerably colder recently...