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    Whats gonna fail next?

    I'm all about trying to replace parts before they fail. I just want a reliable car. I just rolled over 100k....waddya think I need to change out? I have a '14 and have already changed out the intake. I have a DV+ and I have a stage 1 stratified tune. Just changed plugs, and I change the oil...
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    Gloss black rear valance

    Anyone here painted their rear valance? I toyed with the idea of ordering a rear diffuser or maybe a carbon fiber piece....but in the end I just want to go gloss black on the stock piece. Anyone do this? Any tips for painting the plastic?
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    Howling under boost

    Ok so I'm running a stage 1 stratified tune (Which I love)…...did the DV+ from GFB and upgraded the coil packs. I just recently replaced my intake because I was getting a code for the flappers. I cant say this issue started after the intake manifold replacement because I really don't know. I...
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    Running 93 on a 91 tune

    Ok so I am stage 1 and I am running stratifieds 91 tune. I just drove from California to Kentucky and cant find 91.....only 89 or 93 octane. Do you think this will be a problem? Ill be out here for a month and then I'm headed back to California. Yesterday I changed the map to Cobb's stage 1 93...
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    Louisville, KY?!?!?!

    Any local clubs or facebook groups in the Louisville area? I'll be down there in the area for about a month for work. If there are any meets or anything going on I'd love to stop out!
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    Detune for roadtrip?

    In about a month I am going to be driving from Sacramento to Kentucky.....and then back again. I just got the cobb access port and will be stage 1 with stratified tune. I'm also installing a DV+ and R8 coils. Its been awhile since I've headed east but if I remember, 91 octane isn't offered at...
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    Stratified question

    Ok so I am going to go stage 1 with stratified.....this may seem like a dumb question but I want to be sure I don't mess anything up. When ordering, do you have to purchase the tune in addition to the accesport? The reason I ask is because when you click "Stage 1" it says you get a $50 credit...
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    Wheel shine

    What tire shine do you use? I'm tired of it flinging all over the sides of my car. I just want something that provides an ample shine but doesn't fling off. I've used turtle wax spray and armor all xtreme tire gel so far. Anyone with a recommendation? I don't put a ton on and usually it sits...
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    No cover on rear shocks

    So, a few weeks ago I was installing Koni yellows on my car. On the rear I couldn't get the oem cylinder shock cover to work with the new bumbstops and decided to just leave it off. However, after driving around like this for awhile I'v grown worried that this is going to cause issues later on...
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    Eibach Sportlines sit lower in rear

    Hey ya'll.... So over the weekend I installed some Koni yellows with Eibach sportlines. I love it! The car handles so much better and I look forward to playing with the damper adjustment. However, It looks to me like the rear sits a smidge lower than the front. Anyone with the same springs...
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    Air filter

    What kind of air filter are you using in a stock air box? This is my first everything I've had before Ive ran K&N or AEM. Looking to get some input on what ya'll recommend. Was gonna just order a K&N but I figured Id hit up the forums to get some input first. Also, George...
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    Speaker upgrade with stock head unit

    What speakers did you buy to upgrade the stock system? I have a '14 drivers edition....not exactly sure on which head unit I have. Its 2am and I'm a little drunk so its all just something I'm thinking about. I like the stock speakers up until about 15...then they start to distort and sound...
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    stock exhaust that doesnt look stock

    ok so about a week ago I took a trip to my local exhaust shop and had them do a resonator delete. Turned out awesome and I love the sound. Not too loud, no drone and not obnoxious at all. To date one of the best mods so far.....and only $75. However, I HATE the look of the stock exhaust from...
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    Performance build plan

    Planning to go APR intake, R8 coils, Neuspeed FMIC and Borla catback exhaust. These will all be ordered at the same time and hopefully installed in a weekend. Once I'm done with that, I plan to go Stratified tune and get it all dialed in. What are your thoughts? I have read on this forum that...
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    Buying a car with no title

    I'm looking at picking up a project and the owner doesn't have the title. The car was in Santa Rosa and they lost the title during the north bay fires. The owner says they have the registration and proof of insurance all in their name. Seems legit to me. Does anyone have any experience with...
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    Sac/Elk Grove meet 15 APR

    The info: Location: Rau Park 8795 Elk Grove Florin Rd Elk Grove Time: Noon on the 15th of April (Sunday) Plans: TBD.....I'm thinking meetup, hang out, talk cars and then maybe go to lunch. Depends on the crowd and what everyone wants to do. There's also a Dutch...
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    Bilstein on back order :(

    Ordered Bilstein's B12 kit through ECS about 3 weeks ago. Found out today that they are on back order and they have no idea when they'll be available. Kind of bummed out right now. I pretty much ordered an entirely new suspension set up and can't do anything until the kit comes back in stock...
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    How are you posting pics to the forum?

    How? IMGUR? Photobucket? Tapatalk? Some other crazy way I don't know about? I just tried to do it through IMGUR but it didn't work. Maybe I did it wrong. What works and is easy?
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    Badgeless front grille filler question

    So I want to get a badgeless front grille but I'm curious on how the whole "filler piece" for the hood works. How does it stay in place? Do you have a body shop install the piece and then they finish it and re-paint that area of the hood? Do you paint it and install it like it is? Anyone...
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    Experience with radar detectors?

    So I'm gonna be driving from northern California to Kentucky this summer for work. I will be alone, and will have plenty of time to do the trip in....but most of the states I'm gonna be driving through are completely flat and boring. I've been on my fair share of cross country roadtrips in my...