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    Can I get a moment of silence?

    Congrats man! You grabbed a great motor. Dude did a great job and when I chatted with him he was very transparent.
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    Can I get a moment of silence?

    Did you end up securing the deal on the replacement engine? If so, congrats! Hope she gets back on the road swiftly.
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    Can I get a moment of silence?

    I think I talked to this gentleman on FB when I was considering picking up a spare motor. Good guy and his engine is very clean. I think it'll be a good purchase at that price. Best of luck.
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    There's always the HS Tuning RSR or the DIY version, which I did. A little worky to acquire all the parts and do the necessary modifications, but feels like stock and holds over 400tq.
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    Broken manifold stud, Advice..FML

    As you're aware, that spot of the head looks more accessible in photos than in reality. That spot is super tough to get a drill in at the correct angle. A lot end up pulling the head or motor and doing it out of the car unless you have the patience of a saint. Best of luck.
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    Best options for a fresh(ish) motor?

    I wish it was simple on these cars, but the OP should be aware that the transmission needs to come off to get the "upper oil pan" off to access the rotating assembly.
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    Rebuilding a 2.0 TSI after timing failure at 173k *ON A BUDGET* (less than $1k spent) - And Then Balance Shafts 2 Years Later

    I hope it does and I do plan on doing additional analyses on this engine! Will let you know when I do the next one.
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    Rebuilding a 2.0 TSI after timing failure at 173k *ON A BUDGET* (less than $1k spent) - And Then Balance Shafts 2 Years Later

    This is awesome to know. I had some metal on my magnetic drain plug and my oil analysis came back with high levels of iron and aluminum (38k on engine). Supertech valve springs were installed 2,800 miles ago.
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    GTI (K04) Fuelling Issue? Advice Wanted, Datalogs Inside.

    Not sure how helpful this is, but have you experienced misfires up top? Your log is indicative of valve float...Boost increases and MAF G/S decreases.
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    Aftermarket RMSs

    It's like any of the parts for our cars....OE or Aftermarket. No guarantees with any of them. Regarding the support for iABED, I did have a positive experience with Issam. On the CC the dust shield did not fit correctly into the RMS housing, therefore the bellhousing bolts were off. I emailed...
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    Aftermarket RMSs

    I want to be sure we aren't confusing issues here regarding the Billet RMS's. The Billet RMS's do not inherently leak. They leak due to a poor seal installation into the billet housing, incorrect application of the RTV, or improper torqueing of the housing to the engine. The revised OEM RMS...
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    Step by Step Timing Chains & Tensioners Replacement for MK6 EA888 Gen 2 (EOS/CC/Jetta/Golf/Passat/Tiguan)

    Amazing article regardless! This will be invaluable to so many people.
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    Step by Step Timing Chains & Tensioners Replacement for MK6 EA888 Gen 2 (EOS/CC/Jetta/Golf/Passat/Tiguan)

    This is excellent! Thanks for spending the time creating such thorough documentation on the process. One question for you though...your Block 093 doesn't seem to correlate with your tensioner extension. A positive number that high with no other symptoms makes me think your cam adjuster was not...
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    Engine Removal From Front

    Going to be pulling my CBFA engine because I think there's some rod bearing wear (slight knock at 2,300 rpm), but not completely spun. Plan is to pull the motor and replace rod bearings. Planning to pull the motor from the front and wondered if I could keep the axles in the hubs and the car on...
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    Bad Turbo? New to platform

    Sounds like it definitely could be a bad wastegate. Usually it will throw a P0299, but yours is so intermittent maybe it doesn't have a chance to. Great time to upgrade to a K04 to be honest. A Shuenk K04+ is $899.
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    KO4 Not making full power. mystery issue please help. logs included.

    Like others have asked, curious what tuner you're dealing with. .022 is a little tight on plug gap, I would go .026-.028 Have you done a compression test? Is the engine in time? Your MAF readings are kind of bizarre given the boost levels you're at. Also curious why you only have knock...
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    Koni cup kit from ECS?

    I would honestly look at the Koni Yellows instead. Right now at 20% off they're a great deal. I just put them on my CC and wish I had done so years ago.
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    Stratified tuning APR K04

    The APR K04 tune is pretty aggressive. 28 PSI out of a K04 is pretty hot air, so I get it. Alex will take care of you, he does really good work.
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    Is this induction sound normal or is it a boost leak?

    This is great info. I have a CC, so don’t know much about what the AP can and can’t do. OP, if the car runs fine and the logs are clean it must be your intake and/or lack of turbo muffler since it’s a K04. My car runs perfect and sounds identical to this. A stock intake will reduce your airflow...
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    Is this induction sound normal or is it a boost leak?

    The noise from a bad DV is usually under boost, not cruising or light throttle.