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    Engine Removal From Front

    Going to be pulling my CBFA engine because I think there's some rod bearing wear (slight knock at 2,300 rpm), but not completely spun. Plan is to pull the motor and replace rod bearings. Planning to pull the motor from the front and wondered if I could keep the axles in the hubs and the car on...
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    Supertech Springs and Retainers - Rocker Arm Fit?

    I have a 2013 CC CBFA with a K04 and IE K04 file. The car has weak valve springs confirmed by a visual inspection of exhaust springs and datalog showing MAF g/s decrease and boost increase at 6,000 RPM (unusual compared to normal logs - I can post if anyone's interested). I ordered Supertech...
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    2013 CC IE Stage 2 93 Octane Log

    I just installed a TTRS clutch, downpipe and flashed stage 2. Here is the log of a 2nd-3rd gear pull. Actual boost is much less than requested...Note that I converted mbar to psi in this specific log. The MAF is only seeing 180-183g/s of airflow...pretty low. Car has 24k on it as well, so I...
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    Leaking Brake Master Cylinder?

    I just replaced the clutch in my car and was buttoning everything up. I went to power bleed the clutch and when the gauge hit 15-20 psi (ECS instructions say 25-30psi!), it started leaking out of the cap on the reservoir. I tightened that a little more and kept pressurizing, that's when I...
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    WTB: VWR Springs

    Looking for some VWR springs to use on my CC. Please let me know if you have some you're willing to part with.