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  1. DJEuphoria

    Hey Guys! It's been a minute (Music Content)

    Totally dropped out of the car scene to devote 100% of my time and money on building my music career vs. hooking up my car lol Anyway, hope you guys are doing well, I'll stick around for a bit and catch up on all your builds! As I mentioned, I am building a reputation and following from the...
  2. DJEuphoria

    For all you Central NJ EDM Lovers with nothing to do on weekdays

    Every Tuesday Night I throw an EDM event at Mist Hookah Lounge in North Brunswick NJ (772 Rt 1 North, North Brunswick, NJ ext to Brunswick Zone bowling alley) Here's a piece of my live set from last night Come through and support...
  3. DJEuphoria

    Road Trip!

    Taking my GTI from NJ to Dallas/Austin TX from now til Sunday night. Everyone kind of bailed on it with me so I may be trekking it alone. Seeing as how there's a big possibility of me being bored and alone around there and neighboring states, I wanted to see if anyone wanted to meet up along...
  4. DJEuphoria

    Juice Diet

    Saw a documentary on Netflix recently called "Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead" It was about this Australian dude that spent his whole life eating crappy foods, got fat, and developed some sort of immune/hormone sickness where he develops rashes all over his body and has to take a whole bunch of...
  5. DJEuphoria

    Bagged Lambo Just sayin'...
  6. DJEuphoria

    Lost my iPhone 4S... Any suggestions?

    Sorry, this is totally irrelevant to this board but there's a million people here that can probably offer some advice quickly because I'm having a mini panic attack haha So last night I think I left my phone at this Hookah Bar. My friends and I were leaving at about 2:15am when they started...
  7. DJEuphoria

    FT: Bronze Alphards For Detroits + $$$

  8. DJEuphoria

    anyone near Austin TX wanna do some re-con work for me? lol

    my ex lives around there and and works at **********************. i miss the girl to death and haven't seen her in like 3 years but sent her a little christmas present to her job to be delivered on thursday. wonder how she's gonna take it :iono: anybody want to grab some drinks there this...
  9. DJEuphoria

    anyone else with aggressive offsets notice they rub more in the cold?

    i really don't think this is in my head. ever since the weather here in NJ started dipping into the below freezing levels i noticed i can't even really turn my wheel out all the way anymore without severely rubbing the fenders. cold contracts metal, right? seems like either my fenders shrunk...
  10. DJEuphoria

    Huge Step For My Music!!!!

    well, after weeks of anxiously waiting, today i got an email that made me incredibly happy! my PodCast was approved through iTunes and is officially available for free subscription in the iTunes Store!!!! this means the world to me because it's something i'm going to be working ridiculously...
  11. DJEuphoria

    The Car Porn Thread

    here's the rule, one pic or video per post, put the sexiest cars you've ever seen in this thread. i'll start, StanceWorks just put this on facebook. :drool::drool::drool::drool::bow::bow::bow::bow:
  12. DJEuphoria

    Passenger side LED Footwell light always strobing.

    So a couple months ago my passenger side LED footwell light started strobing. I replaced the bulb and it fixed the problem for a couple weeks but then it started happening again. I tried to check of the bulb was loose but it's still snug. My driver side footwell light is fine though. Anyone...
  13. DJEuphoria

    "Hellaflush" Detroits?

    i'm just curious, i've been thinking it would be kinda cool to see haha anyone running super stanced detroits? like, bagged, maxed out camber, 25mm spacers, and 205/35/18 tire? i've seen "flush" detroits but i've never seen "hellaflush" detroits. just curious. might be kinda cool.
  14. DJEuphoria

    Hit Crub And 2 Fents

    ok heres the ting take a corner at 35 or 45racing a ricer had a blow out sled into the crub hit 2 fents 2 burshes 4 brick and a trash can but anywho now I have a load cam knock it sounds like but I'm not sure my oil pan may have got pushed back alittle so I dont know if my oil pump got damgaed...
  15. DJEuphoria

    Funny Story Tonight...

    was driving spiritedly down a twisty backroad today when i see a block of wood in the middle of the road. it's a one lane road and i couldn't slow down under 40mph before i hit it so i clenched my buttcheeks and rammed right through it at around 35mph-40mph. the thing rolled under my bumped and...
  16. DJEuphoria

    Oh Hey!

    Happy Halloween!!! #theendisnear
  17. DJEuphoria

    Oh Man This Is Disturbing.

  18. DJEuphoria

    I Hate My School. Advice From The More Experienced?

    so my dad and i have been talking a lot about my future. i've been trying to get some advice but have a lack of professional friends with experience that can help me on the subject. i'm currently going to a County College with a Communications major which seems like a huuuuuge waste of time for...
  19. DJEuphoria

    WTB: (2) 215/40/18 Tires

    looking to find something locally and cheap. if anyone has any extra tires laying around let me know. i'm so strapped for cash this month it's stupid but everything should clear up after the 24th. i'm looking for either 215/40/18 or potentially 215/35/18 (i technically have a set of 215/40's i...